What To Do When There Is Too Much Written On Your Topic Already

Do you have a desire to write a booklet but you don’t feel it will sell because there is so much written about your topic already?  If this has been the excuse that has kept you from realizing your authorship dreams, hold on to your hat because it will get blown off right along with this excuse by the end of this post!

I have two little words for you.  Diet industry.  Look at how much has been written about dieting, and yet publishers are still cranking out new books on the subject every year.  Why?  Because it’s still profitable, as long as each book deals with a different area of the industry or has a new slant.  For example, there are diet books for children, diet books for the elderly, diet books for diabetics, and even diet books that only contain desserts for people who love sweets!  There are hundreds if not thousands of diet books available on the market today.  A new one is always welcome, as long it has a niche to fit into.

If you think your topic has been written about too much already, niche it down.  Don’t write about great hiking spots in the U.S.  Write about great hiking spots in Colorado.  Or niche it down even further to easy hikes in Colorado.  If you need a little larger niche, you could go with easy hikes in the northwest.

Just like a diet book can never be one size fits all, so it is with your booklet.  No single information can please everyone or include the information everyone needs.  But, you can write a very specific booklet for a very specific niche.  And even if there are a couple of other books or booklets on the same subject in the same niche, they won’t be written with your experience from your point of view.  Your information will be different.  It will give the reader something that the other books or booklets don’t.  It will be a fresh perspective.

Take a look at the other information available on your topic and for your niche.  You’ll probably come up with plenty of information that was left out of the other products, which you can include in yours.

In my next post, I’ll deal with one of the biggest excuses of them all!

To your riches!


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2 responses to “What To Do When There Is Too Much Written On Your Topic Already

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  2. Glad I could help! Oh, and I checked out your blog. It’s cool!

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