How To Write A Booklet When You Don’t Have Good Writing And Grammar Skills

Are you ready to blow away another excuse for not starting or getting your booklet done?  In my previous post,  I talked about how most writers are not well known when they start their first project.  If you’re making the excuse that you’ve got no credibility, and you’re asking yourself the question, “Who am I to write a book?” then you need to read the post about Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump and J.K. Rowling!

Today we’re going to tackle another excuse.  Maybe you’ve got the information and you know it would make a great booklet, but you don’t have the writing skills you need to put that information on paper (or on your computer).  If you’re making the excuse that you don’t write very well and your grammar skills are terrible, then read on!  Yes, you can write a booklet!

The answer to this little problem is simple.  It’s called editing.  there are two types of editors.  There are content editors, who go through your manuscript and polish up your writing to make it shine, and there are grammar editors who make sure your spelling and punctuation are correct.  These editors will turn your error laden manuscript into a professional text that you can create a marketable product from.

Editing is an easy way to get your manuscript up to par so that it sounds professional and will sell.  After all, you don’t have to do anything except turn your manuscript over to an editor, and then they do all the work!

Some people might be concerned that an editor will cost them alot of money.  It’s true editing generally doesn’t come too cheap (and if it does you’d better find another editor!).  But, it isn’t a cost.  It’s an investment into your product which will help you make money.  Once your manuscript is edited, it will bring you many times more revenue in sales, which you otherwise could not have gotten without the editing.  I don’t know about you, but if I can invest a few extra dollars into my product to gain many more dollars on the sales end, I’ll do it every time!

If your writing lacks pizzaz or your grammar skills need a little help, write your booklet anyway.  Then, get an editor to go through it and make it shine.  You’ll end up with a booklet you can be proud to put on the market.  All professional writers use editors even when they know how to write well.  Everyone makes mistakes – even the pros.

In my next post I’ll blow another excuse right out of your way!

To your riches!


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