When You Don’t Know What To Do, This Will Carry You Through

From the very beginning of your booklet project, when you’re first thinking of what you will write about, you need to have a purpose.  A purpose will carry you through the process of writing, producing, marketing and making sales.  Without a purpose, you’ll end up lost and not knowing what to do.

When I started my first booklet my purpose was to help other moms get some extra cash on a regular basis.  While this was a noble purpose, it did little to expand my pocket book.  I’ve since changed my purpose to one that works much better – having a marketable product that will create lifetime customers.  The ultimate goal for me with my booklets is to make money.  I’m not volunteering my time and skills here.  There are plenty of opportunities for that, but this is how I make my living, and I want it to be a good living!  Of course, it’s not one sided either.  You can’t make sales if nobody wants your product so it needs to be helpful to somebody.

Whether your booklet is already written or whether it is still an idea in your head, you need to figure out your purpose for creating it.  If your purpose is to be home with your kids instead of working a 9 – 5  job, your true purpose is to make money from your booklet.  If your purpose is to have extra income, your true purpose is to make money from your booklet.  In fact, since you’re reading this blog, you probably are not planning to give your booklets away for free.  You want to make money from them.  This is your purpose for creating them.

Keep your purpose in mind throughout the entire process of creating your booklet and getting it to market, and you’ll stay on track.  Everything that comes up along the way must fall in line with your purpose or it isn’t worth doing.  If you lose your focus as to why you’re doing what you’re doing, just ask yourself the question again – “What is my purpose for doing this?”  The answer is to make money.

Throughout your booklet journey you’ll have many choices to make.  The correct choice is always the one that falls within your purpose.

To your riches!


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