The Vitally Important Thing That Can Literally Make You Or Break You As A Booklet Author

Once your booklet is finished and proofread, before it goes through the editing process, you need to let it sit for at a least a couple of days.  Go and do something else.  Try not to think about your booklet too much.  Give your brain a rest.  When you do this, you’ll often find that something important will come to mind that you forgot to include in your booklet.

As thorough a writer as you think you are, going over your booklet again and again will only show your brain what is already on the page.  Sometimes it’s hard to think of what’s missing, because it isn’t there.  Looking at information others have written on your subject will help, but remember that their information is not complete either, and may be missing something vital.  There is no such thing as a perfect product, or a book that contains everything there is to know about its subject.

Your booklet is a small taste of the larger whole, or it’s just the facts or basics.  But, you still need to be sure that you’ve included all the most vital information for your readers.  You need to check and proofread your work, and do your best to come up with everything your readers will need to get started with your booklet’s topic.  Once you’ve done this, giving your mind a rest will often produce more results, and many times it’s something obvious that you’ve overlooked.

By letting your manuscript sit for a couple days or even a week or two, you may save yourself some later revisions.  It’s no fun to go through the production process and then realize that you forgot to put a key piece of information inside your booklet.  If it’s something minor, it’s not such a big deal.  You can sell out and then revise and go back to print.  But, if it’s something vital, you won’t look like an expert.  You’ll appear to be someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about, and this is death to your credibility as an author as well as to your booklet business.  This is why giving your manuscript a rest is so important.  It can literally make you or break you.

If, after a few days, your mind comes up empty, then go to editing and get your booklet produced.  You can’t afford to wait forever, but sometimes waiting just a few days will give you an extra tidbit that could be important.

To your riches!


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