What To Do When You Have A Big Idea For A Booklet

Have you got a big idea for a booklet?  One where you really know you’re on to something, and you can see beyond that first title to a series of titles and perhaps some other products to go along with the booklets?  This is the way I think.  I rarely ever think of something as an end unto itself.  I’m forever asking myself the question, “what else?”  What else can I create to go with this?  What else can I do to make this better?

If you’re like me, you may find yourself getting overwhelmed at times.  After all, creating a booklet sounds so simple.  But, creating this massive idea in your head – with many booklets and other products – seems like more than you’re prepared to handle.  Put your fear aside and listen to me.  You can do it!  I promise you, you can.  You’re not going to write your entire series at once.  You just need to get started with your first booklet and let things grow from there.  And things will grow – ideas, sales, and your business – if you continue to put one foot in front of the other and take things one step at a time.

When you have a big idea, you need to take big action.  That means taking the bull by the horns and whipping out that first product so you can move to the next thing on your list.  And, if you really want to speed things up, you can take action on more than one thing at a time.  Perhaps you’ll create two booklets at a time until your series is finished, or maybe you’ll create each booklet with a product to go with it such as a cd.

Alot of people come up with great ideas.  Some come up with big ideas.  Most will never bother to do anything with their ideas because they don’t know where to start and they get frustrated or overwhelmed.  It’s easier to stay right where they are than it is to try to change things.  But, you know better!

I started out with one booklet.  It grew to two booklets.  Today I’ve got six titles and two companies, and I’m still coming up with big ideas.  I’ve learned not to fear, but to move forward.  When you move forward your fear will disappear and excitement will replace it as you see things begin to happen.

Keep coming up with big ideas!  Take big action!  And move forward!

To your riches,


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