If You’re Not Willing To Do This, It Could Cost You Big

You’ve got a message to get out to the world.  It burns inside you like a roaring fire.  You’ve decided to do a booklet, and you’ve got everything all planned out.  You know what you’ll write, who your market is, and how you’ll sell your booklet.  Good for you!  But, before you get into this too deep, may I offer you one little piece of advice that will keep you from falling flat on your backside and missing out on untold riches?  It’s simply this: be flexible.

As a booklet author, you don’t want to be too ridged in your plans.  Yes, you must have goals and you must do your best to carry them out, but your plan for reaching those goals must be flexible so you can weather whatever comes your way and make necessary changes as they are needed.  Let me give you an example.

Let’s say your booklet is completed and on the market.  You’ve got a quantity buyer on the line.  He likes your product and he wants to buy 600,000 copies.  But, there’s one small catch.  He wants to make some changes to your booklet.  He wants to change the inside from black and white to color.  He wants to add some advertising for his own company inside.  He wants to pull your byline off the front and put his company name on there.  What do you do?

With this many copies and this much money at stake (at 600,000 copies every penny is worth $6,000 and every nickel is worth $30,000) there is only one thing to do.  Give the man whatever he wants (with the exception of your copyright unless he’s willing to ante up ALOT more dough)!  Would you really let your ego stand in the way of a huge payday?  Not me!  Byline be damned!  I can’t eat off my ego, but that big, fat, beautiful check will certainly buy alot of groceries and pay the bills for some time to come.

This is what I mean by being flexible.  There are things ahead of you that you can’t see right now.  There will be decisions to be made, and you’ll have options to weigh.  Nothing in any business is ever cut and dry.  So make your plans, but be willing to change them or side step when you need to.

To your riches!


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