How To Make Money And Avoid Losses When You’re Just Starting Your Booklet Venture

When I created my second booklet, I printed 1,000 hard copies after being told to do so by an “expert” in the industry.  It turned out to be a very bad piece of advice which cost me alot of money and gave me little in return.  The expert was giving advice based on their own experience, but they failed to take into account my specific market and my marketing abilities at the time.  It was like being hired to do a job, and not knowing what the job is or what it requires.  In a situation like that, there’s no way to win.

When you’re new to something, it’s best to start small.  Create your booklet and test it and your marketing skills before you invest alot of money.  You want to make sure you’ve got a winner.  You want to know how your market will receive it, and which way is the best way to deliver it.  And if you’ve never been involved in sales or marketing, it will take a little time for you to learn what you need to know.  Even if you do have sales or marketing experience, you can’t know how your product will be received by your specific market until you get out there and test your product.

Everyone makes mistakes when they are just starting out.  If you’ve ever seen a small child just learning to walk, you’ve seen how many times they fall before they can finally keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep going.  But, that child doesn’t give up.  They do learn to walk, and it usually happens pretty fast.

The same is true for you when you begin your first booklet venture.  Just like a little child, you will fall a few times.  That’s ok – as long as you don’t get hurt in the process.  By starting small, you’ll avoid getting hurt in the pocket book.  You’ll also avoid alot of frustration because you won’t feel like you’re trying to move a mountain.  And then, before you know it, you’ll be able to keep your feet under you.  You’ll be able to stand your ground and keep going.

Starting small doesn’t mean fewer profits.  It is a way to avoid losses, many of which will be large losses if you start too big.

To your riches!


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