Are Booklets The Begining Or The End?

As an author myself, I am supportive of writers in any media, any genre.  But, booklets are an option most writers have never considered and probably never heard of.

A booklet is a great way to get started in the publishing arena.  It doesn’t require a huge amount of time or money to create, and you can get it on the market within a month or two.  It’s a great way to test the waters – your writing and marketing skills, and the receptiveness of your market.

Some writers who create a booklet will never go beyond writing booklets.  Booklets are a very lucrative niche, so there is no reason to write a full length book unless it is your heart’s desire to do so.  Once a writer creates a booklet and sees just how easy it is to do, and how fast it is to get that product on the market, they may very well decide they’ve found their calling.  For them, booklets are the end.  These writers have found a very satisfying career as an author – one that will bring them fast riches and many great opportunities.

Other writers may see a booklet as a stepping stone to writing a book.  They may use their booklet to test their market and see whether a full length book would sell.  Or they may want to write a booklet to go with their book, to create an up-sell product.  If the author is using the booklet as a stepping stone to a book, the booklet is the beginning for that author, and the book would be the end, or final result.

Whether you just want to write a booklet or a series of booklets and leave it at that, or whether you want to use a booklet as a way to get your foot in the door in the publishing industry and create a market for your book, one thing is for certain.  No matter which path you choose, a booklet will lead to greater things.  You’ll get opportunities you never expected, and in that case, booklets are always the beginning.

To your riches!


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