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How Keeping Score Helps You Do More

Happy New Year’s Eve!  As 2008 comes to a close, are you happy with all you’ve accomplished over the past year?  If you’re like most people, you’re probably more focused on what you didn’t get done than what you did.

Something I like to do is to write down my accomplishments as they happen, kind of like keeping score.  Then, at year’s end I look at them.  It’s amazing to see how much I actually DID get done, which gives me inspiration and fuels my momentum to do even more in the new year.

Another reason I like to keep score of my accomplishments is that it helps me to see what is left to be done.  It gives me a direction to go in for the new year, and from there I can build my plans for my products, my marketing and my businesses.

And finally, when you write down your accomplishments, you have a record of what you’ve done.  This will help give you credibility because you’ll have all you’ve done written down close at hand, and you won’t have to try to remember it all spur of the moment when you need it.  When the times comes you can use that credibility to open doors for you that may have been closed to you previously.

Give it a try.  Focus on what you accomplished.  What you still need to do will reveal itself, but don’t worry about what didn’t get done.  Instead, look at all you did over the past year and let that give you the momentum to out-do yourself in the next year!

All my very best to you for a rich new year!

To your riches!


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E-Books Rise In Popularity Is Good News For Booklet Authors

Did you know that the e-book has been around for 10 years?  Yep.  And it’s finally beginning to gain momentum as a viable reading alternative.

In the past, e-books were thought of as free information.  They were called e-books, special reports, guides and mini courses.  And while the e-book has many names, it’s popularity has grown thanks to Kindle.  Now, people are paying for e-books.  These are not the cheezy little reports that you might find as a download from a website, but real “books.”

Personally, I don’t know if I would ever want to have all my books only in e-book form.  Why?  Because I’m a highlighting addict.  I highlight the most important parts of all my non-fiction books.  And since I never read fiction, aside from a bedtime story for my youngest child, I prefer my books be printed on paper.  But, there is a growing population that prefers e-books on a portable device and this is wonderful news for those of us who self publish booklets.

Creating a booklet as an e-booklet is easy to do, and depending on your marketing strategy and your particular niche, you may not need printed copies at all.  If you do require printed copies, you can use the e-booklet to test your market and see how receptive it is to your product before you have hard copies printed.  You can also make the e-booklet available in addition to your hard copies, giving you more chances of a sale or having something extra of value to offer your customers.

While I love the smell of fresh ink and the sight of newly printed booklets, I also have my titles available in e-booklet form.  It costs me nothing extra to do, and it gives me another way to deliver my product.  I recommend you do the same.

To your riches!


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Discover What The Big Guys Are Doing And Get Rich

If you want to be successful as a booklet author, one way to do it is to tie into a current trend – one that’s HUGE!  What’s the one thing on everyone’s mind right now?  Money.  Regardless of whether you buy into the media’s frenzy and scare tactics or not, you can’t argue that everyone is concerned about money and whether or not we are headed into the next great depression.  And while the media is busy spewing forth its bad news about the stock market, job losses and foreclosures, there is some very good news for you as an author if you’re paying attention.  What is this good news?  Simply this – that if you can write about finances or spin your topic to focus on some aspect that will help people financially, your booklet will do very, very well.

What?  You’re not a financial wizard?  You’ve got no background?  You can barely add 2+2, you say?  Then we have something in common.  But, those facts didn’t stop me from writing 60 Ways To Make Fast Cash, or its sister title 119 Ideas To Save You Money Now.   These were written from my own experience as an at home mom who found creative ways to make a quick buck or stretch it as far as I could.

You probably have some skills or life lessons concerning money that you could pass along to others in a booklet.  It’s probably something you do so often you aren’t even aware that someone else would find that knowledge valuable.

Even if you’re not planning to write about finances directly, you may be able to tie in a financial angle with your chosen topic.  For example, if you plan to write a booklet for parents of girls who participate in pageants, you might write about how to cut pageant expenses as your main topic or in a section of the booklet.

Writing about finances doesn’t mean you need to write to everyone.  You still need to stick to your chosen niche.  And it doesn’t mean that you must write about the stock market either.  It simply means that you take the topic of finances and spin it so that it fits your niche and your topic.

When you want to know what the current trend is, what people are thinking about most and what they are buying in terms of information, the best way to find out is to go to the top.  Look at the top publishers and what they’re buying and churning out in large numbers.  Look at what’s selling.  Right now it’s all about money.  But, don’t take my word for it.  Here’s a few examples for you:

According to Riverhead Books,  Suze Orman’s financial titles have sold 3,200,000 copies all totaled.  Her latest title, Suze Orman’s 2009 Action Plan, is due out December 30th and is expected to be another best seller.

Dave Ramsey, author of Total Money Makeover, has been on the New York Times best seller list for 71 weeks.  Thomas Nelson, a publisher of inspirational and Christian books, has reported sales of 1.5 million copies of Dave Ramsey’s books.

Jim Cramer’s lastest book, Real Money: Sane Investing In An Insane World, is due on the market January 6th.  Published through Simon and Schuster, the first printing will consist of 160,000 copies and the publisher currently has more than 2 million copies of Cramer’s other titles in stock.

David Bach, who often appears on Oprah, has written eight books about finances and currently has 5,350,000 copies on the market.  His newest title, “Fight For Your Money” will be on bookstore shelves March 3rd.

This is but a small taste of the financial titles coming out in ’09 and the successful authors behind them.  And yes, these titles are all traditionally published.  But, we can learn from the big guys, because they are extremely picky about what they put money into.  We can clearly see the trend.  People are scared right now.  They aren’t sure what’s going to happen.  They don’t know where to invest.  They’re looking for ways to cut back their spending and save some money.  They’re looking for ways to make more money.  And all of this is very good news because as writers we have the answer someone is seeking.  We don’t have the answer for everyone.  But, we do have the answer for a particular niche.  And that’s all that’s needed to make the riches flow!

To your riches!


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How A Man Living In A Tent Became A Multi-Millionaire Writing Booklets

During the great depression, a young man who was penniless and living in a tent came up with a great idea.  For the past few years, he had been collecting information on unusual ways people make money, and he thought he should put that information into a booklet.  His name was George Haylings.

George walked to his local pubic library to research and find the information he needed to make his booklets complete (he called them “treatises” and sometimes they are referred to as special reports).  He then typed his manuscripts using his manual typewriter.

George’s first booklet quickly became two, and then three as he continued to create new titles.  His booklets sold because they were timely and dealt with something that was on everyone’s mind – money!

It wasn’t long after George began his booklet adventure that he had enough titles to create an entire catalog of booklets for people to choose from.  By now, George had moved out of the tent and was making quite a hefty sum of money for his day.

After the catalog was created and booklet sales were still going strong, George wrote a book and created a home study course which skyrocketed his sales.  In the end, he became a multi-millionaire and it was all because of an idea for a booklet!

What George did is just as relevant today as it was then.  People today are still hungry for information that pertains to them, and right now in the midst of the economic recession booklets that help people find ways to make some extra money will do very well.  But, even if your booklets don’t deal with financial issues, your information will sell as long as there is a market for it.

If your curious as to the booklets George created, here are a few of his titles:

  • 125 Ways to Make Money With Your Typewriter
  • Discovered! 505 Odd Enterprises
  • How to Make Money at Home
  • Small Business of Your Own
  • You Can Own a Business
  • Vacations Unlimited: A Retirement Kit Comprising Plans, Data and Secrets Dealing With Early, Successful Retirement
  • Profitunities: A Most Unusual Book
  • Easier Ways To Easier Dollars
  • Little-Known Ways To Lifetime Profits
  • Hidden Dollars

As you can see, nearly all of his titles dealt with the one thing that was on everyone’s mind – how to make more money.  And notice that although his booklets all deal with the same topic, he comes at it from different angles with each new title.  This was how he was able to get repeat business.  A customer would buy one title, and then want the next one because it dealt with the same topic.

If a man who was penniless and living in a tent could profit from a booklet and go on to become a multi-millionaire, how much better can you do?  After all, money may be scarce but you probably are not living in a tent.  And you’ve probably got a computer to do your writing on, whereas poor George only had a manual typewriter.  I imagine it must have been quite difficult trying to type when his fingers ached from the cold.  He had no heat in his tent.

If George can do it so can you!  George was a man with a vision and the will to see it through.  How about you?  Will you see your vision through to the end?  Will you keep going?  Will you reach your goals?

To your riches!


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The Mother Of All Excuses Laid To Rest Once And For All

You’re itching to write a booklet.  You know you’ve got some good information to offer.  But, you’re concerned about the amount of time and money it will cost you to do it.  This, my friend, is the mother of all excuses and I’m about to lay it to rest for you.

First, let me say that if you were writing a book, I’d be inclined to agree with you.  Self publishing a book is an expensive proposition (yes, even with all the POD technology we have today), and it does take quite some time to put a book manuscript together.  But, no so with a booklet.

Because a booklet has so much less volume than a book (mine range from 16 – 20 inside pages), it won’t take you much time to write.  I created my first manuscript in two weeks, and I wrote my third one in just three days!  How’s that for taking a bite out of the time factor?

And the production of your booklet really won’t cost you a cent when you consider the return on your investment.  First, you’ll be using much less paper and ink, which are the main expenses in book production, so you’ll invest very little money in getting your actual product created from your manuscript.  Second, your booklet will be on the market much faster than if it were a book, which means you’ll reap a return on your investment very quickly.  And third, there are times when you don’t need to print hard copies at all and if that’s the case for you, then you won’t need to invest in printing which will save you money.

So how about it?  Now that we’ve got all the excuses out of the way, are you ready to get your career as a booklet author off the ground?  If you’re done with the excuses but you need a little help, I’m available for consultation but you’d better hurry because my rates are going up after January 1st.  Right now you can schedule a 30 minute consult with me for the measly sum of $149.00.  That’s a pathetically low price considering how much information you’ll receive – and I offer a money back guarantee.  If at the end of our time together you don’t feel you received your money’s worth, then I don’t deserve to keep your money so I’ll refund every cent you paid right back to you.  Have you ever heard of any other consultant who makes you this kind of offer?  Nope.  Nobody does it because they consider the time spent, not the information given.  I don’t think that’s fair, do you?

So, if you’ve been reading the blog and you really want to get started on your booklet, but you’ve got some questions or you need some direction, just contact me through the blog and I’ll be glad to set up a time for us to talk!

To your riches!

Kim Hillman

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How To Get Content For Your Booklet When You Don’t Have Enough

Are you worried that you can’t come up with enough content to fill up a booklet?  Many people have this fear, but it’s an unfounded one.  It’s another excuse that’s holding you back from achieving your goals and getting your riches.

You can’t possibly know just how much information you’ve got until you start writing.  Once you do begin writing your booklet, you’ll probably find that you’ve got more information than you thought you did.  In fact, you’ll most likely have enough information for two or more booklets.  This is what happens to many writers when they create a booklet.  They have so much information that they can’t fit it all into one booklet!

If it does turn out that your information falls short of 16 pages, that’s ok.  You can get information from other sources.  The internet is a viable resource as is your local library.  You can even go to the bookstore to find more information on your subject.

Also, there are some simple ways you can add to your information without having to write an entire page of text.  For example, in my Simple Tips & Recipe series, I have included several lists as well as a page of tips which readers will find helpful.  These were easy to do and took little time to put together.  I felt they were a natural and necessary part of my booklet’s content.  You may find that including lists or tips will naturally go with your content too.  Or, you may decide to include them as something extra.

Another thing you might include in your booklet is a check list.  If a check list is relevant for your topic, by all means include it.  However, don’t add one just for the sake of adding it.  Be sure it has a true purpose for being included and that it would be useful to your audience.

How about a photo or two to liven up your pages?  Photos are great in how-to booklets when they show how to do something or how something should look.

A page that lists resources for more information is another possibility for you to include.

Don’t think of your manuscript as a big, long writing chore.  It isn’t.  It’s a helpful resource.  You don’t have to have tons of text.  You just need to have enough helpful information to have a marketable product.

Now that this excuse is erased, you can start writing!

In my next post, I’ll deal with the mother of all excuses!

To your riches,


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How To Get Rid Of The Evil Time Sucking Vampires That Are Robbing You Of Your Writing Time

Today’s world is a fast paced one.  We’ve got only 24 hours in a day, and about a third of it we spend asleep.  The rest of the time is spent frantically rushing from one activity to the next, trying to fit everything in.  And somewhere, in the midst of it all, you would like to write a booklet – if you only had the time.  If this sounds like you then listen up, my friend, because you’re about to lose the no time excuse.

The reason you rush around and live such a hectic pace is because you aren’t planning your time.  What you need is a simple plan for some organization.  What I’m about to reveal to you can work for anything in your life as well as your writing, so pay attention!

An easy way to solve the time crunch is to block out a certain amount of time each day for your writing.  If you’re working a nine to five job and you’ve got children, you might want to block out an hour before work in the morning or an hour after the kids are asleep at night.  Or, you can use your lunch hour if you have a quiet place to work uninterrupted.  If you’re not working a nine to five job, you’ve probably got more time than you think you do.

Every day there are evil, time sucking vampires that literally rob you of precious minutes which add up to hours.  Once you are aware of them, you can deal with them quickly and efficiently and get more time out of your day.  Let me give you the most common ones.

The first one is the telephone.  This evil time sucking machine can interrupt you at any time without warning.  It rings and you feel compelled to answer.  Stop that right now!  Unless you’re expecting an urgently important call, you do not have to answer that phone during your writing time!  Unplug it if you need to, because chances are it’s your best friend Gladys or your Aunt Mary just calling to catch up.  Let her leave you a message (you DO have an answering machine or service, right?  If not, get one!).  You can get back to her after your writing time is finished.

The next one is your cell phone.  Like the telephone, it can ring at any time.  But this one’s even worse because you can also receive text messages, and while they may seem benign, they’ll rob you of even more time than a conversation by voice.  Why?  Because it takes longer to text than it does to speak.  Your best bet here is to turn off your cell phone during your writing time.  My own cell phone is turned off nearly all the time, unless I’m expecting a call or I need to make one.

The third is your email.  How much time do you spend reading and answering email?  If you’re like most people, you probably spend an hour a day or more.  It’s time to do a little email clean-up.  First, you need to get rid of your email notifier if you can or if you have one.  This is the little widget that pops up on your screen each time you get a letter in your in box.  I used to have one of these and sure enough, every time it would pop up I’d be curious to see what came into my in box, so I would have to go look.  Then, I was hooked.  I just had to deal with that mail right now.  This is bad!  I got rid of the notifier and now I deal with email just once a day.

After getting rid of your notifier, you need to start looking at the mail that comes to you and unsubscribe from anything that isn’t vital (No, that does NOT include this blog!!! :-).  I’m talking about advertisements from department stores and certain bookstores that like to inundate you with email.  Get rid of it.  You don’t need to spend your time reading their ads.  The only email you should be getting should be personal or business related, or it should be truly useful to you in some way.  The rest needs to go.

Getting your telephone, cell phone and email under control should easily allow you to block out at least an hour a day for your writing.  Maybe you’ll even be able to block out two hours a day.  So, no more excuses!  You do have time to write.  You just need to write instead of doing some of the other things you’re doing – things which won’t be nearly as profitable for you as getting your booklet on the market!

In my next post, we’ll hit another excuse right outta the ball park!

To your riches!


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