Why Only 5% Of The People Are Rich And 95% Are Not

You’ve daydreamed and come up with your goals.  You’ve made a plan.  Now it’s time for step three – the final step toward achieving success as a booklet author.  You’ve got to implement your plan.

Your plan probably isn’t perfect.  Nobody’s is.  That’s ok.  You’ll make corrections along the way as you go.  The important thing is to start working your plan.  Do something.  Make something happen.

Most people are great at daydreaming.  A few might make it to the planning stage.  But only a handful ever make it to the implementation stage, and that’s what sets the rich apart from everyone else.  That’s why only 5% of the people are rich, and the other 95% are not.  Doing makes the difference.

If I had a nickel for everyone who has told me they had a great idea for a booklet, I’d be crushed under a mountain of nickels.  If I had a nickel for everyone who made a plan for achieving their goals with their booklet, I’d have a purse full of nickels.  And if I had a nickel for everyone who actually carried out their plan – put aside other things like T.V. and internet surfing long enough to actually implement and do something – I’d have a few nickels in my pocket.

I’ll say it again.  Doing makes the difference.  You can daydream all you want to, and you can plan everything out, but if you never act on your plan or do anything to achieve your goals you’ll forever be in the 95% group.

To your riches!



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