How To Create A Plan To Achieve Your Goals

Yesterday I told you that daydreaming is the first step to your success as a booklet author.  Daydreaming will help you come up with goals to achieve.  And I’d like to add that you need to dream big.  Why would you care about achieving small goals?  Why would you want to have only a little more than you have now?  Dreaming big is much more motivating, so dream as big as you possibly can.

Daydreaming is only the first step to your success, however.  Once you have goals, you need a plan to reach them.  Nobody takes a road trip without a map (or a gps).  Your plan is your map.

To create your plan, you need to think about your goals and decide the best way to achieve them.  For example, if one of your goals is a new car, decide which new car you want to buy.  This will give you a cost for the car.  Then, you know how much money you will need to achieve that goal.  Now you have something tangible you can work with.  Knowing how much money you will need will help you because you now know how many sales you need to make in order to achieve that goal. Now you can make a plan for making the sales you need.

The way you create your plan, and the plan you create will be different from anyone else’s.  It will be unique to you and your priorities and goals.  Once your plan is created, you will then move to step three.  And I’ll tell you about that one tomorrow!

To Your Riches!


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