Why Daydreaming Is Essential To Your Success As A Booklet Author

Do you daydream about being a rich booklet author?  You should.  If you don’t you’ll never make it.

Everything great in the history of the world began as a thought which turned into a daydream and then a series of daydreams.  It is important to dream about it because dreaming is what gives you goals to achieve.  You’ve probably heard the saying, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”  This is true, unless you’re dreaming something that is just silly or really impossible.

You should set aside a little time each day to daydream about being a rich booklet author.  You don’t need to do this for hours on end.  You can even do it while you’re in the shower or in the bathroom.  Just take a few minutes – five or so – and let your mind go.  Think about your booklet.  How will it look?  What colors will the cover be?  What picture will be on the cover?  How many pages will it have?  See it in your mind.  Then, think about the checks coming in.  What will you do with all that money? Buy a new car?  A home?  Go on a nice vacation?  Get out of debt?  Imagine it all – everything you want to have from your success.

Daydreaming is the foundation on which your entire booklet business and career as an author will be built.  It is essential to your success.  Daydreaming helps you to know what you want.  And what you want becomes your goals.  You can’t achieve your goals if you don’t have any.  The way to come up with goals is to daydream.

Daydreaming is the first step to your success as a booklet author.  Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the next step.

To your riches!


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