Authors With This Get The Riches. Do You Have It?

When you write a booklet, you’re doing more than just putting words on paper.  You’re creating something that lasts.  And that booklet will give a lasting impression of you, the author.  That’s why it’s imperative that your information is accurate and your content is polished.

It’s best to write about something that you already know about or have experience in.  Not only will this save you time because you will either need to do very little research or none at all, but it will also prove you are an expert in that topic because you do have a certain amount of experience with it.

You need to know your stuff when you write a booklet, just as you would if you were writing a book.  If your content is not clear, or if there is not enough information to really help someone, it will be a poor reflection on you and you’ll have a difficult time making sales.

If you are planning to write on a topic that you currently have no experience in, you will need to immerse yourself into that topic heavily before writing a single word.  This may mean classes and/or actually doing the thing you plan to write about so you can learn from experience.  It may also mean time spent online or in the library, books purchased and read, and talking with people who have experience in your topic so that you can learn what you need to know in order to help others with the topic.

As you can see, writing about something you already know is the shorter and less expensive route to publishing a booklet.  But, if you’re really excited about writing on a topic that interests you yet you have no experience with, you’ll need to do it right in order to build a good reputation as an author that your buyers and readers can trust.

Authors with good reputations are the ones who get the riches.

To your riches!


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