If You Wanna Win, You Gotta Play

It is often said when it comes to the lottery that you can’t win if you don’t play.  But, in the case of the lottery the odds are against you.  Buying a ticket means you have a chance to win, but it’s a very slim to none kind of chance.

Just like with the lottery, if you’re going to win riches as a booklet author, you’ve got to play the game.  You’ve got to write your manuscript and get it produced to get into the game.  But, unlike the lottery, where you buy a ticket and hope you win, with a booklet you have control over the outcome of the game.  You can win if you want to.   You don’t have to merely hope.

Making the decision to get into the game is your first step.  How many people do you know who have said they wished they had more money or a better job?  Or maybe they wish they had a better car or owned a home?  I bet those same people have come up with some pretty good ideas from time to time.  Perhaps they thought about going to work for a certain company that would pay them better, or maybe they came up with an idea for a business.  But, here they are, still wishing for something to change.  Nothing will ever change for them until they make the decision to get into the game.

You want to be an author.  A booklet can make you an author faster and cheaper, and bring you more riches than just about any other way I know.  But, if you want the riches, you have to play the game.

So how about it?  Are you ready?  Or will you be sitting on the sidelines wishing again today?

To your riches!


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