The One Thing That Matters Most When Marketing Your Booklet

This morning I talked with one of my contacts at a company I’ve been dealing with for a while.  When I first contacted them, I was surprised to find out that the company was entirely run by it’s founder.  This is a national company, with products on store shelves from coast to coast, so it was natural for me to assume the company was larger than it was and had a corporate structure.  When I learned that was not the case, I gained a deep respect for the entrepreneur who was running the company on her own, and I was able to connect with her on a level that only another entrepreneur can understand.

This company has cut back on an area of their marketing where they might have used one of my booklets.  And so, wondering whether they might still be interested at a later time, I asked if I should keep them on my contact list.  “Definitely,” came the reply.  “You never know what will happen down the road, or what might change.  Please keep us on the list.”  Hearing this is always very encouraging.  It means they like me, and I’ve done a good job handling this company and this contact.  And, it means I haven’t lost a sale.

It may take a little longer to make a sale to this company than I originally planned, but that’s ok.  I’m still in the game, and that’s what matters the most. This company is growing, and when I do make that sale it’s going to be bigger than it would have been had I made it today.

Had this turned out differently and my contact told me not to keep them on my contact list, they would have been removed immediately and I would have moved forward with new companies and new deals (which I do constantly anyway).  It’s good to get an answer either way because you don’t want to waste your time on companies that don’t get it or just are not interested, or don’t have the money to buy.  I’m always glad to get a yes to a sale or a yes to remaining on my contact list, but a no is, in its own way, a sigh of relief.

Every day is a new adventure.  There will be ups and there will be downs.  Learn to handle the downs as well as you handle the ups.  And above all, stay in the game!

To your riches,


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