Stop Wishing And Make It Happen

When you begin your booklet journey, you can’t possibly see all of the wonderful things that will happen for you as time goes on.  You probably can’t even see past your first project.  You’re thinking about the writing and the production.  You’re imagining the smell of fresh ink and seeing those first booklets for the first time.  And all of that is very exciting, but there is so much more that awaits you as you travel past that first project.

Once you get things rolling, momentum will build and one thing will lead to another.  Before you know it, great things are happening left and right.  You’ve got money coming in from checks and credit cards, flowing through several channels.  You’re getting offers for things you never expected like interviews and joint ventures.  And people will look at you and think you’re lucky.  But, you’ll know that the momentum was created by one thing building upon another because of the work and the time you put into it.

I’ve got several exciting things happening for me right now.  I’m putting together a national promotional campaign for my new booklet series.  My new product for authors will be launching in January (keep your fingers crossed on this one!).  I’ve got several companies that I’ve been courting and we now have deals in the works.  And my publishing company’s in house list of customers and prospects has grown by 50% in the past three months thanks to a promotional campaign I’ve been running that includes my sixth title.

While to the outsider all of this may seem like I’m lucky or very well educated, the truth is that it’s simply the culmination of me working constantly to make things happen.  I’m not sitting around day in and day out wishing for money to come to my mailbox or people to notice what I’m doing.  I’m making it happen.

If you’re just starting out on your booklet journey, your focus will be very narrow.  But, trust me, the small things count.  Just as one word leads to the next which leads to the next and soon you have a completed manuscript, so too does everything you do in your business add up.  You may not see the benefits from the things you do right away.  Some may take weeks, months or even years before they will pay off.  But keep going, because you will get to that point, I promise you, where everything snowballs and suddenly you’re in a whole different place with your business.  Suddenly you will find yourself very successful, and looking back you’ll realize that it was your making things happen that brought you to this moment.

And once that momentum starts, keep it going!  Roll with it and enjoy it!

To your riches,


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