You’ve Got To Do This If You’re Serious About Making Big Money With Booklets

Have you been thinking about writing a booklet for a while but just haven’t been able to find the time to sit down and do it?  If so, you’re like alot of people who have great ideas but never find the time.

Let me ask you this.  Did you find time to talk on your cell phone today?  Did you find time to watch your favorite TV shows?  How about going out to lunch?  And did you find the time to catch up with all your favorite social networks?

Here’s a revelation for you.  We live in a techno-society that, if we allow it to, literally sucks the time away from us.  It’s easy to get caught up in the web of technology that we have at our disposal today.  My own mother is a classic example.  Her cell phone is always with her, and when she’s not talking on it she’s texting someone.  She’s got some great ideas for booklets that will never see the light of day because she can’t prioritize her time to get things done.

By contrast, my cell phone is rarely ever even turned on.  I use it when I’m out if there is an emergency, or if I need to contact someone to let them know I’m on the way to meet them.  I do not have conversations on it and rarely can I ever be reached on it, even by my own children.

I do admit to having a few network pages – but I don’t allow them to get in the way of my accomplishing my goals each day.  I monitor my time on them carefully.

Some would argue that there are some very successful people on those networks.  That’s true.  But, they were already successful when they started networking, and they usually don’t belong to more than one or two networks.

If you are serious about writing booklets and making the big money, you’ve got to cut out all the little time wasters and just get it done.  Start making yourself aware of just how much time you waste on things that don’t push you further toward your goal.  Once you recognize these things as the time sucking vampires they are, cut them out or schedule them into a small block of time so you have more time to put toward the things that really matter to you, and more time for accomplishing your goals.

To your riches!


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2 responses to “You’ve Got To Do This If You’re Serious About Making Big Money With Booklets

  1. Hi,
    I liked this post. What you say is very correct. But lack of confidence in one self is also a main factor.

    • Yes, it can be. The only cure for that is to learn as much as you can and then jump in and do it. Once you do, your confidence will rise and this won’t be a problem for you anymore.

      It’s always a little scary when you’re faced with something new. But, once you do it, it isn’t new anymore. It becomes familiar to you and you’re no longer afraid of it.

      Lack of self confidence is merely another kind of fear that must be overcome. You can do it. You just need to take action!


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