What Obama And McCain Can Teach You About Booklets

What an election night, huh?  It was pretty amazing.  I sat glued to my tv set most of the night last night.

Have you given any thought to why Obama won by such a large margin?  I’m no expert when it comes to politics, but I’ll wager at least part of the reason was his books.

As a writer, your words have power.  They can make others see you as an expert in your chosen topic.  They can get others to rally around your ideas.  But, of course, before anyone will read your content, they’ll read your titles.  And those titles have to be good.

Obama wasn’t the only one to write books.  John McCain did too.  But, Obama’s titles were much more compelling.  I haven’t checked, but I’m guessing Obama sold more books than McCain did.  McCain’s book titles were boring, and boring is bad.

Remember this when you’re writing your booklet.  The title should be compelling.  It should make people want to read the rest of your content.  And your content should be written with care so that when people decide to read it they are getting the best information you can give to them.  It is your responsibility as a writer to make sure your audience receives the best and most current information you can give them.

To your riches!



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