How To Get Your Momentum Back When You Hit A Slump

Have you ever been so excited about achieving a goal that it was all you could think about day and night?  Maybe you even had trouble sleeping because of it.  It was constantly on your mind, driving you forward, and all you wanted to do was work on it constantly.

But then, after a little while, maybe you lost momentum.  One day you were riding high and the next you felt like you were in a slump.  Your goal didn’t seem quite as attainable then.

This will probably happen to you as you begin your booklet journey.  You’ll start out excited, eager to write and get your booklet completed.  But, somewhere along the way you may hit a slump and your project will seem to lose that sparkle of excitement it first held.  It might happen because your friends or family don’t understand what you’re trying to achieve and they are negative about it.  It might happen because something else that looks more exciting comes along.  Or it might happen because you’ve been working on your booklet night and day and your brain is just tired out.

This happens to me quite often.  In fact, I don’t think there has ever been a project I have started where I wasn’t completely pumped up in the beginning, and then later all the excitement and energy I had for it fizzled out.  But, there is one that that separates me from most people who have this happen to them.  I don’t quit.

You’re going to hit slumps in life.  That’s just how it is.  But, hitting a slump doesn’t mean you give up or quit working toward your goals.  You may need to take a day or two and just give it a rest, but then you need to get right back at it.

I do my best to work right through the slumps.  That’s the only way to get the excitement back.  If you don’t work through the slump, you’ll find yourself making excuses and giving yourself all kinds of reasons why your idea wouldn’t work, or why you wouldn’t be able to achieve your goal, or why now just isn’t the time to get it done.  If you fall into this kind of thinking, it will kill your ideas, your goals and your future.

Work through the slumps and your excitement will soon return as you begin to make progress toward achieving your goal – a finished booklet that will sell again and again.

To your riches!


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