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The Two Big Advantages Booklets Have Over Books

Yesterday I attended a business meeting.  The room was filled with people from a variety of businesses, but there was one person who caught my attention.  He was an elderly gentleman with white hair.  When he stood he was a little stooped over, and although he spoke clearly there were awkward pauses between some of his words – as if he had suffered a stroke some years ago.

He was only given a moment to introduce himself to the rest of us, and he took more time than he should have.  He was an author, and he was there to promote his book.  I never caught his name nor the title of his book.  What I did catch was that a little over ten years ago this man retired from a very long, exhausting professional career which had nothing to do with writing.  He was searching for something else to do with his life and was inspired to write a book.

It took this man ten years to complete his book.  TEN YEARS!  And trust me, this is someone who does not have time on his side.  I turned to the gentleman sitting to my right and said, “I could have saved him about nine and three quarters of those years!”

Most authors probably don’t take ten years to write a book.  It’s probably more like two to five years, depending on the subject matter and how much research is involved.  Even so, that is a long time to wait to see a profit from your work.  And you may never see a profit after all is said and done.

Booklets give you two big advantages.  The first is that they take far less time to write and publish than a book does.  And the second is that they give you a way to test your market before writing a full manuscript (should you be so inclined) and therefore saving you possibly thousands of dollars.

The poor gentleman at the meeting yesterday had it backwards.  He wrote the book and now he’s trying to figure out how to promote it.  Had he written a booklet, he would have more money in his pocket for promotions and he could have tested his market to see whether a full length book might be profitable.

I must give this gentleman credit, however, because he did finish his book.  He had a box of printed copies with him.  Ten years is a very long time to work on any project, especially when you have no idea whether you’ll reap any reward for it, and he didn’t quit.  He saw it through to completion.

Don’t write a book.  Please don’t.  Not until you have a solid understanding of your market.  Then, if a book is your heart’s desire, go for it.  In the meantime, write a booklet.  You can have printed copies in your hand in about a month’s time depending on how quickly you write your manuscript.  And then you can test your market with your booklet and see how receptive they are to your subject and your content.  You’ll also be able to test your marketing skills before investing the time and money it takes to self publish and promote a book.

Sometimes, the riches are in time and money saved.

Here’s to your riches!


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Why A Good Booklet Won’t Make You Rich

Here’s a little secret about writing booklets.  Anyone can do it.  Not everyone will, of course.  Some people don’t have the patience to sit down and write one.  Some don’t have the desire.  Some hate to write and don’t consider themselves writers.

But, while anyone can write a booklet, it takes someone special who is willing to go the extra mile, to write an exceptional booklet.  An exceptional booklet is the one that will succeed.  This has nothing to do with talent.  It has to do with creating a product that goes beyond the reader’s expectations.  And to do that, you’ve got to dig just a little deeper than the average writer to come up with something really great.  It means getting into your reader’s head and figuring out what will surprise them, wow them, or thrill them as they read your content.

Anyone can write a booklet and include the basic information of who, what, when, why and how.  It’s not too difficult to make sure you’ve got all your bases of information covered.  This is akin to writing a report in school.  The average writer will then take that information and make it interesting or even entertaining to read.  But, the exceptional writer will go beyond that.  They’ll not only have all their bases covered and make it fun to read, they’ll include extra information the reader didn’t expect to find.

When you give your readers more than they expect it creates a good relationship between you as an author and your readers.  It builds your reputation as an author worth reading.  And If you’re selling to large companies like I do, the benefits from this are enormous.  My buyers are not my readers, but their customers are and when their customers are happy my buyers are happy.  That means these buyers will buy from me again.

The average Joe will never get rich.  Anyone can be average.  Anyone can do the minimum to get by.  This is what most people do when they get up in the morning to go to work, and this is why they have average jobs with average pay.  To get the riches, you’ve got to go above and beyond.  You’ve got to be willing to go the extra mile and give more than expected.  When you do, you’ll be an exceptional writer with an exceptional product and the riches will come to you.

You can’t just write a good booklet and get rich.  You must write an exceptional booklet.  Not only will this give you a better product, it will also boost your confidence when you market your booklet.

Don’t be average.  Don’t be good.  Be exceptional.

To your riches!


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Why Only 5% Of The People Are Rich And 95% Are Not

You’ve daydreamed and come up with your goals.  You’ve made a plan.  Now it’s time for step three – the final step toward achieving success as a booklet author.  You’ve got to implement your plan.

Your plan probably isn’t perfect.  Nobody’s is.  That’s ok.  You’ll make corrections along the way as you go.  The important thing is to start working your plan.  Do something.  Make something happen.

Most people are great at daydreaming.  A few might make it to the planning stage.  But only a handful ever make it to the implementation stage, and that’s what sets the rich apart from everyone else.  That’s why only 5% of the people are rich, and the other 95% are not.  Doing makes the difference.

If I had a nickel for everyone who has told me they had a great idea for a booklet, I’d be crushed under a mountain of nickels.  If I had a nickel for everyone who made a plan for achieving their goals with their booklet, I’d have a purse full of nickels.  And if I had a nickel for everyone who actually carried out their plan – put aside other things like T.V. and internet surfing long enough to actually implement and do something – I’d have a few nickels in my pocket.

I’ll say it again.  Doing makes the difference.  You can daydream all you want to, and you can plan everything out, but if you never act on your plan or do anything to achieve your goals you’ll forever be in the 95% group.

To your riches!


How To Create A Plan To Achieve Your Goals

Yesterday I told you that daydreaming is the first step to your success as a booklet author.  Daydreaming will help you come up with goals to achieve.  And I’d like to add that you need to dream big.  Why would you care about achieving small goals?  Why would you want to have only a little more than you have now?  Dreaming big is much more motivating, so dream as big as you possibly can.

Daydreaming is only the first step to your success, however.  Once you have goals, you need a plan to reach them.  Nobody takes a road trip without a map (or a gps).  Your plan is your map.

To create your plan, you need to think about your goals and decide the best way to achieve them.  For example, if one of your goals is a new car, decide which new car you want to buy.  This will give you a cost for the car.  Then, you know how much money you will need to achieve that goal.  Now you have something tangible you can work with.  Knowing how much money you will need will help you because you now know how many sales you need to make in order to achieve that goal. Now you can make a plan for making the sales you need.

The way you create your plan, and the plan you create will be different from anyone else’s.  It will be unique to you and your priorities and goals.  Once your plan is created, you will then move to step three.  And I’ll tell you about that one tomorrow!

To Your Riches!


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Why Daydreaming Is Essential To Your Success As A Booklet Author

Do you daydream about being a rich booklet author?  You should.  If you don’t you’ll never make it.

Everything great in the history of the world began as a thought which turned into a daydream and then a series of daydreams.  It is important to dream about it because dreaming is what gives you goals to achieve.  You’ve probably heard the saying, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”  This is true, unless you’re dreaming something that is just silly or really impossible.

You should set aside a little time each day to daydream about being a rich booklet author.  You don’t need to do this for hours on end.  You can even do it while you’re in the shower or in the bathroom.  Just take a few minutes – five or so – and let your mind go.  Think about your booklet.  How will it look?  What colors will the cover be?  What picture will be on the cover?  How many pages will it have?  See it in your mind.  Then, think about the checks coming in.  What will you do with all that money? Buy a new car?  A home?  Go on a nice vacation?  Get out of debt?  Imagine it all – everything you want to have from your success.

Daydreaming is the foundation on which your entire booklet business and career as an author will be built.  It is essential to your success.  Daydreaming helps you to know what you want.  And what you want becomes your goals.  You can’t achieve your goals if you don’t have any.  The way to come up with goals is to daydream.

Daydreaming is the first step to your success as a booklet author.  Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the next step.

To your riches!


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Lousy Sales Page. Crappy Sales Copy. Hideous Booklet Cover. And It Sold!

This morning when I checked my email I was shocked to see a message from Paypal telling me that Lulu had sent me money!  I was shocked because my Lulu page, just like my facebook page and my ning page, has been badly neglected.  I’ve got one product there, and it’s one I only promote as an afterthought in light of my new series, which is being promoted to a much more profitable market.

I had all but forgotten my account even existed at Lulu.  I had planned to go back in there, someday, and fix it up or delete it altogether.  But, I’ve had more pressing matters to attend to with my national promotion coming up for my new trio.

When I created that Lulu page, I was new to everything – booklets, marketing, and even Lulu itself.  I really had no clue what I was doing.  The sales page is lousy.  The sales copy, pretty crappy.  The cover for the booklet, hideous.  AND IT SOLD!!!

There’s a big nugget of gold in this for you, and here it is.  Get out there!  Try.  Don’t worry if you don’t know what you’re doing at first.  You’ll improve.  But, you’ll also make some sales along the way!

You’ll never be ‘ready.’  You’ll never know everything there is to know to do it perfect, and even if you did life happens and things change.  Then, you have to start over again anyway.

So go on.  Just do it.  Write it.  Produce it.  Get it out there.  Do your best.  It will sell!

To your riches,


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Authors With This Get The Riches. Do You Have It?

When you write a booklet, you’re doing more than just putting words on paper.  You’re creating something that lasts.  And that booklet will give a lasting impression of you, the author.  That’s why it’s imperative that your information is accurate and your content is polished.

It’s best to write about something that you already know about or have experience in.  Not only will this save you time because you will either need to do very little research or none at all, but it will also prove you are an expert in that topic because you do have a certain amount of experience with it.

You need to know your stuff when you write a booklet, just as you would if you were writing a book.  If your content is not clear, or if there is not enough information to really help someone, it will be a poor reflection on you and you’ll have a difficult time making sales.

If you are planning to write on a topic that you currently have no experience in, you will need to immerse yourself into that topic heavily before writing a single word.  This may mean classes and/or actually doing the thing you plan to write about so you can learn from experience.  It may also mean time spent online or in the library, books purchased and read, and talking with people who have experience in your topic so that you can learn what you need to know in order to help others with the topic.

As you can see, writing about something you already know is the shorter and less expensive route to publishing a booklet.  But, if you’re really excited about writing on a topic that interests you yet you have no experience with, you’ll need to do it right in order to build a good reputation as an author that your buyers and readers can trust.

Authors with good reputations are the ones who get the riches.

To your riches!


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