How To Come Up With Great Topics And Content Ideas

If you were to ask 100 best selling authors where and how they came up with the ideas for their content, you’d probably get 100 different answers.  But, chances are there would be one common thread among them – that they all got the ideas when they weren’t thinking about their project.

If you’re stuck, not knowing which topic to write about or having a difficult time coming up with content for the topic you’ve chosen, you need to set your project aside and do something else for a while.  The answers will come to you, but they’re most likely to come when you’re occupied with other things.

Beating a dead horse never works.  It’s the same way with your brain.  Have you ever had some piece of information that you knew you knew, but you couldn’t retrieve it when you needed it?  Then, a little while later that piece of information just popped into your head, didn’t it?  It works the same way with your writing.  You’ll find that ideas come to you better when you aren’t thinking about them or trying to find them.

I have found that many of my best ideas come to me when I’m in the shower.  My mind is allowed to wander then because I’m relaxed and not under any pressure.  I’ve had a great many good ideas come to me, and I always tried to come up with key words that would help me remember the idea later.  The key word worked sometimes, but I found that other times I forgot the keyword, and therefore the idea.  Now I keep a notepad by the shower so I can write down my ideas the instant they come to me.  No more trying to remember them.

You probably have many great ideas that come to you during the day when you’re relaxed but preoccupied.  Maybe, like me, it happens for you in the shower.  Or maybe it’s on the drive home from your job (in which case you’ll need a way to record your ideas rather than writing them on paper).

Start paying attention to when your ideas come to you.  Then, make sure you’ve always got a way to record them or write them down so you can use them when you’re ready.  It beats sitting there trying to think stuff up!  Try it and you’ll see that it works.

To your riches!


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