How To Write Content That Sells

It is imperative that when you write your content for your booklet, you do so in a way that helps your audience identify with you.  You should be writing from a specific viewpoint that your audience can get in sync with.

One of the problems with books that don’t do well in the marketplace is that they fail to provide a strong viewpoint for their audience to agree with.  Not everyone will agree with your viewpoint.  That’s fine.  But, you need to have a strong viewpoint in order to get some people to agree with it.

If you look at the major issues in US history, you’ll find that there isn’t any middle ground.  The issue of abortion is one such example.  Most people have a definite opinion on this issue.  So, if you were to create a booklet on this topic, you would need to have a strong viewpoint as an underlying theme of the booklet.  Trying to write a booklet that agrees with both sides of this issue would be futile.  But, writing it either for or against abortion would grab the attention of those who could identify with whichever viewpoint you chose.

Having a strong viewpoint means being able to market your booklet successfully.  Your topic may not lend itself to a strong viewpoint as easily as the topic of abortion, but you need to come up with one or your booklet will be a plain Jane, mediocre, vanilla product instead of one that spurs people to action to buy.

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