The Secret To Building Your Bank Account

Here’s an obvious fact for you – the faster you can do something the sooner it gets done.  But, think about what this means for your bank account when it comes to publishing.  The faster you can get your product (in this case your booklet) to market, the faster you can begin making money with it.

Have you ever heard someone say, “Oh, that’s just a get rich quick scheme?”  These people buy into the reasoning that in order to make any decent money you have to work hard for a long time.  I’m not against hard work, but I’d much rather get rich quick than get rich slow.  Wouldn’t you?  And the only way this can happen is when you’re able to speed up the process that will make you rich.

How many people do you know who have worked hard for years and years?  You probably know alot of people who have done this.  Maybe you have too.  Are any of those people rich?  Are they making tons of money and living the good life?  No, they aren’t.  How do I know?  Because they, like most people, have bought into that same, age old reasoning about working hard for many years.

Hard work over many years won’t make you rich.  All the years do is sap your energy and make you old.  So the key is to speed up the process and get rich sooner.  The sooner you start making really good money, the sooner you can start to enjoy it.  And the more years you have to make really good money, the more years you have for your wealth to accumulate.

Speed is imperative to your riches.  I write my booklets, create my products and implement new ideas in my business as fast as I can.  Otherwise, my ideas become stale and I lose my momentum.  Speed is the secret to building your bank account.

If you have a decision to make regarding your business, make it.  If you’ve got a booklet to write, write it now.  Whatever it is you need to get done, do it quickly.  Time spent procrastinating is time lost forever.  Use your time wisely – for getting things done!

To your riches!


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