Do You Want To Be Like Other Writers Or Do You Want Something Better?

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may remember that over this past summer I created two spin-off titles from my “Simple Tips & Recipes For Feeding The Gluten Free/Dairy Free” booklet.  I’m excited to tell you that the second spin off is now in production, and I’ll be promoting all three titles together nationwide beginning in January.

This happened very quickly – much more quickly than it would have if I were trying to publish full length books.  I was able to write the spin offs in a matter of days, not months or years.  And production has gone swiftly as well.

Most people, when they become inspired to write a book, envision everything they hope will happen after the book is published and on the market.  They dream about large royalty checks, book signings, talk show appearances, and perhaps fame or at least a great deal of respect from peers and the press as well as the public.

I’m not one to burst anyone’s bubble.  These things are all great and they can happen, although chances are very slim for any one of us.  But, the thing these people don’t see in their visions and dreams about being an author is all the work and the time it takes to create their manuscript in the first place.  Nor do they stop to think about the hundreds of thousands of books, both traditionally and self published, that never sell.  When books don’t sell, dreams die and all the months and years spent creating that manuscript are lost for nothing.

Most writers don’t know that they could finish their manuscript much sooner and go to press for much less time and money by publishing a booklet.  They don’t know the opportunity exists.  When people think of publishing, they think of books, even though publishing extends well beyond books into many different kinds of media.  So, when they decide they want to write and be published, they think they need to write a book.

Speed is imperative to your riches.  You can’t get rich trying to do things the same way everyone else does.  Most people are not rich.  They’re broke, living pay check to pay check, going to jobs they hate, living mediocre lives.  That alone tells you not to do things the way most people do them.  And when you look at the way most writers go about getting into print and getting published, you have to ask yourself whether you want to be like them, or whether you want something better.

Booklets are something better.  The opportunity is here.  The only question is whether you will take advantage of it.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about speed and the impact it can have on your bank account.

To your riches!


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