Why There’s Never Been A Better Time Than Now To Write A Booklet

The news is dismal.  The economy is in a shambles.  And we’re all supposed to be afraid.  Razzberries to that!

I walk almost daily at my local mall.   Everyday I see people there with bags in hand of stuff they’ve bought.  People are still buying.  There are still things we all need – food, clothing, toilet paper.  And information.

Everyone needs information.  Everyday millions tune in to the radio, go online, or watch the news for information about the weather or what’s happening in their community, or what’s happening with the election campaigns.  On a more personal level, people are searching for information that pertains to their lives – how to make or save money, how to survive cancer, how to find the right pre-school, and on and on.

The need for information has grown significantly with the passage of time.  The more information that becomes available, the more we all seem to need it.  That’s why there’s never been a better time than now to write a booklet.

Your booklet can be about any subject which you have knowledge about.  Whatever knowledge you possess, there is someone, somewhere who is seeking that knowledge.  Your knowledge is a rich treasure that others will pay to benefit from.  You may not even realize the treasure you have in your knowledge.  You may think it’s common knowledge that everybody knows.  And some things are common knowledge.  But, everyone has special knowledge either from education or experience that they can share in a booklet and profit from – and that means you do too!

So go ahead and write your booklet.  No excuses.  The economy’s crappy everywhere.  So what.  There are still people searching for information, and some of them are searching for the very information you can provide.  What are you waiting for?

To your riches!


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