The Secret To Getting People To Buy Your Booklet

If you’ve got great content inside your booklet (and you’d better!), you still need to get people to read it.  You must grab attention before anyone will care about what you have written.  You do this with your booklet’s title.

Your title is like the headline for a news or magazine article.  It is the first thing people will see when considering whether or not to buy your booklet, and it must be convincing.

The title of your booklet should tell people exactly what the contents inside are about.  Vague titles will not only confuse people, they’ll also fail to make sales for you.  So make sure your title is specific to your topic and that it clearly explains what your content is about.

Beyond being specific, you need to grab people’s attention with your title and make them want to read the booklet.  Don’t confuse this with having clever, cutesy titles such as titles that have words that rhyme.  This is fine if your title is truly compelling.  But, if it isn’t, you’ve wasted time and money on a product you won’t be able to sell simply because you have a poor title.

Make sure your titles are both specific and compelling, and you’ll be on the road to riches!

To your riches!


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