How To Use What You’ve Got To Create More Riches

Papa Murphy’s has done an extraordinary thing.  They’ve created a “new” pizza.  Maybe you’ve seen the photo of it they are handing out to customers.  They’re calling it their jack-o-lantern pizza.  It’s basically a cheese pizza with pepperoni strategically placed to make a smiley face.  An olive dots each “eye” to make eye balls.  More pepperoni is placed all around the edge.  And to top it off, they have sort of “smushed” the crust at the top to make a stem.

I’ve seen Papa Murphy’s do a similar thing for Valentines Day.  They make a heart shaped pizza.

So, what does pizza have to do with booklets?  It’s simple.  Papa Murphy’s really didn’t create anything new at all.  They simple used the ingredients they had and fashioned it into something else.  Pepperoni pizza is certainly nothing new.  But a jack-o-lantern pizza is.

I did the same thing this past summer with my booklet, “Simple Tips & Recipes For Feeding The Gluten Free/Dairy Free Child.”  I took some of the “ingredients,” or in this case content, from the booklet and I created two new ones – “Simple Tips & Recipes For Starting Your Gluten Free Lifestyle,” and “Simple Tips & Recipes For Starting Your Dairy Free Lifestyle.”  I didn’t need to spend alot of time writing because so much of the work was already done in the original booklet.  I used what I had to create something new – and that has created more opportunities and more riches for me.

You can do the same thing.

To your riches!



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