Looking Beyond The Booklet

When I began my first booklet, my entire “business” was that booklet.  It was all I thought about.  I had visions of selling that booklet in huge quantities – both to quantity buyers and to individuals.  It wasn’t until I decided to create a second booklet that my vision for my business began to evolve.

If you’re in the process of creating your first booklet, you’re probably very excited about it and filled with enthusiasm.  And you should be.  But keep an open mind about your future and the possibilities.

You are not just creating a booklet, even if you only write one and never create another.  You are creating a business (and in my case an empire!).  That first booklet is your starting point.  Once it is finished and on the market things will begin to happen quickly, and you’ll find that you’ve got many more ideas and new opportunities coming your way.  It’s like learning how to draw, and then discovering paint and clay.  There is so much more you can do that you didn’t know you could do when you started.

Your future may include many booklets, or your business foundation may be built upon one booklet.  But, either way you will be faced with many decisions that will shape your business into something you enjoy and can be proud of.

To your riches!



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