Clueless? Do It Anyway.

Last Tuesday I decided it was time to begin a project I had been putting off – a newsletter for all my clients and quantity buyers.  I had put it off because it seemed to me a daunting task.  I felt the design would be easy enough, but what to include that would be of interest to all my markets and that I could easily replicate month after month eluded me.

So, after much prodding from one of my colleagues, I sat down to get the task done.  I had no clue when I began how this thing was going to turn out.  I had no clue what I was going to write or what the newsletter design would look like.  I was starting totally and completely from scratch.

Five days after beginning the project I had it done.  To my surprise, it actually turned out quite professional and I believe I accomplished all of my goals.  Time will tell.  But, the important thing is that I got it done.  I can always make revisions down the road as needed.

The lesson for you is that you need to start.  Don’t put it off.  Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, just start.  You’ll learn as you go, and once your project is finished you can always revise it later if you need to.

If you’re going to have riches, you actually have to DO something!  They won’t fall out of the sky!

To your riches,



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