The Exception To The Voluminous Phraseology Rule

Yesterday I talked about how you don’t need a large vocabulary to write a booklet.  The simpler your content is the better.  But, there is one exception to this rule.

If you are writing a booklet to a professional industry, such as doctors, lawyers, or accountants, and your topic is about something within that industry, you will want to show that you are educated and that you understand their jargon.  You still won’t want to throw around big words just for the sake of doing so, but your writing should be more polished and make you sound like you are one of them.

For example, if you are writing a booklet about traveling to foreign countries, there is a possibility that doctors or lawyers would be interested in the booklet.  These people have the money to travel and many of them travel often.  But, there are many other people who may be interested in this booklet – such as the grandmother who wants to visit her homeland, or the homeschooling family that wants to go on a special field trip, or the newlyweds taking a honeymoon.  In this case, your booklet should stick to content that is easily understood.

But, if you are writing about the latest trends in heart surgery, you are writing to doctors directly, and more specifically to heart doctors.  While there may be outlaying readers in this market such as nurses who work with heart doctors, your primary concern with your writing is to make yourself appear in the know from within the cardiology industry.  Therefore, you would want to use terms from within the industry that are familiar and commonly used by cardiologists.  You will create your text very differently than if you were writing a booklet about keeping your heart healthy for the average layperson.

Whether you are selling your booklet to the end user or not, you must approach your content with the reader’s viewpoint and education level in mind.  Your content must not only be understood, it must make the reader believe that it was written specifically to or for them.  This will make a huge difference in whether or not your booklet sells.

To your riches!


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