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How To Move Forward And Move Up In Spite Of The Economy

The economy sucks for all of us.  But hey, gas prices are coming down!  Even in the midst of a dreary economy and all the scare tactics of the media, there are bright spots.  Some people are taking advantage of the stock market being down.  Others are buying houses at dirt cheap prices that they’ll later sell and make a killing on.  And a few people are, against all odds, starting businesses.

We have to deal with the present.  That’s just the way it is.  And your situation may be different from mine.  But, we both have a hand of cards we’ve been dealt and now we have to decide what to do with them.  What we decide now is what will determine the cards we are dealt in the future – at least to some degree.  There’s always going to be a wild card out there that can pop up at any time.

Some people get so caught up in the now that they can’t think about the future.  But you must, because if you don’t then things will never change.  And this readily applies to booklets as much as it does to getting into college, buying your first home, or planning for retirement. You have to plan your future, while living for today.

What this means to you as a booklet author is this.  Don’t buy into all the doom and gloom and get so upset over it that you forget your dreams and your goals of becoming a booklet author.  Many people with great ideas will never realize their dreams because they allow all the bad news to stop them.  They think the economy’s bad so now is not the time to work toward their goals.  But, if you don’t work on it now, then when will you?  If you wait, if you put it off, it will just be that much longer before your dreams are realized.

It could be years before the economy is in good shape again.  Do you want to be in the same situation you are today when the economy gets better?  I certainly don’t.  I want to keep progressing and moving forward in my business and my finances regardless of what the economy is doing or what anyone else thinks or does.

The opportunities are still there.  In fact, there’s never been a better time to be a booklet author than right now.  Businesses are scrambling, trying to find ways to stay afloat.  They’re seeking anything that will help bring customers through their doors.  You booklet might be just what they need.  And regardless of what the economy does, people are still looking for love, falling in love, getting married, having babies, getting sick, getting well, gaining weight, losing weight, eating, going to the dentist, getting old and dying.  There are things that people do in any economy, and you can capitalize on those things when you have related and relevant information that can help.

Deal with your present, but don’t stop working toward achieving your dreams.  Your future depends on it, and so do your riches!


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How To Come Up With Great Topics And Content Ideas

If you were to ask 100 best selling authors where and how they came up with the ideas for their content, you’d probably get 100 different answers.  But, chances are there would be one common thread among them – that they all got the ideas when they weren’t thinking about their project.

If you’re stuck, not knowing which topic to write about or having a difficult time coming up with content for the topic you’ve chosen, you need to set your project aside and do something else for a while.  The answers will come to you, but they’re most likely to come when you’re occupied with other things.

Beating a dead horse never works.  It’s the same way with your brain.  Have you ever had some piece of information that you knew you knew, but you couldn’t retrieve it when you needed it?  Then, a little while later that piece of information just popped into your head, didn’t it?  It works the same way with your writing.  You’ll find that ideas come to you better when you aren’t thinking about them or trying to find them.

I have found that many of my best ideas come to me when I’m in the shower.  My mind is allowed to wander then because I’m relaxed and not under any pressure.  I’ve had a great many good ideas come to me, and I always tried to come up with key words that would help me remember the idea later.  The key word worked sometimes, but I found that other times I forgot the keyword, and therefore the idea.  Now I keep a notepad by the shower so I can write down my ideas the instant they come to me.  No more trying to remember them.

You probably have many great ideas that come to you during the day when you’re relaxed but preoccupied.  Maybe, like me, it happens for you in the shower.  Or maybe it’s on the drive home from your job (in which case you’ll need a way to record your ideas rather than writing them on paper).

Start paying attention to when your ideas come to you.  Then, make sure you’ve always got a way to record them or write them down so you can use them when you’re ready.  It beats sitting there trying to think stuff up!  Try it and you’ll see that it works.

To your riches!


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How To Write Content That Sells

It is imperative that when you write your content for your booklet, you do so in a way that helps your audience identify with you.  You should be writing from a specific viewpoint that your audience can get in sync with.

One of the problems with books that don’t do well in the marketplace is that they fail to provide a strong viewpoint for their audience to agree with.  Not everyone will agree with your viewpoint.  That’s fine.  But, you need to have a strong viewpoint in order to get some people to agree with it.

If you look at the major issues in US history, you’ll find that there isn’t any middle ground.  The issue of abortion is one such example.  Most people have a definite opinion on this issue.  So, if you were to create a booklet on this topic, you would need to have a strong viewpoint as an underlying theme of the booklet.  Trying to write a booklet that agrees with both sides of this issue would be futile.  But, writing it either for or against abortion would grab the attention of those who could identify with whichever viewpoint you chose.

Having a strong viewpoint means being able to market your booklet successfully.  Your topic may not lend itself to a strong viewpoint as easily as the topic of abortion, but you need to come up with one or your booklet will be a plain Jane, mediocre, vanilla product instead of one that spurs people to action to buy.

To your riches,


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The Secret To Building Your Bank Account

Here’s an obvious fact for you – the faster you can do something the sooner it gets done.  But, think about what this means for your bank account when it comes to publishing.  The faster you can get your product (in this case your booklet) to market, the faster you can begin making money with it.

Have you ever heard someone say, “Oh, that’s just a get rich quick scheme?”  These people buy into the reasoning that in order to make any decent money you have to work hard for a long time.  I’m not against hard work, but I’d much rather get rich quick than get rich slow.  Wouldn’t you?  And the only way this can happen is when you’re able to speed up the process that will make you rich.

How many people do you know who have worked hard for years and years?  You probably know alot of people who have done this.  Maybe you have too.  Are any of those people rich?  Are they making tons of money and living the good life?  No, they aren’t.  How do I know?  Because they, like most people, have bought into that same, age old reasoning about working hard for many years.

Hard work over many years won’t make you rich.  All the years do is sap your energy and make you old.  So the key is to speed up the process and get rich sooner.  The sooner you start making really good money, the sooner you can start to enjoy it.  And the more years you have to make really good money, the more years you have for your wealth to accumulate.

Speed is imperative to your riches.  I write my booklets, create my products and implement new ideas in my business as fast as I can.  Otherwise, my ideas become stale and I lose my momentum.  Speed is the secret to building your bank account.

If you have a decision to make regarding your business, make it.  If you’ve got a booklet to write, write it now.  Whatever it is you need to get done, do it quickly.  Time spent procrastinating is time lost forever.  Use your time wisely – for getting things done!

To your riches!


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Do You Want To Be Like Other Writers Or Do You Want Something Better?

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may remember that over this past summer I created two spin-off titles from my “Simple Tips & Recipes For Feeding The Gluten Free/Dairy Free” booklet.  I’m excited to tell you that the second spin off is now in production, and I’ll be promoting all three titles together nationwide beginning in January.

This happened very quickly – much more quickly than it would have if I were trying to publish full length books.  I was able to write the spin offs in a matter of days, not months or years.  And production has gone swiftly as well.

Most people, when they become inspired to write a book, envision everything they hope will happen after the book is published and on the market.  They dream about large royalty checks, book signings, talk show appearances, and perhaps fame or at least a great deal of respect from peers and the press as well as the public.

I’m not one to burst anyone’s bubble.  These things are all great and they can happen, although chances are very slim for any one of us.  But, the thing these people don’t see in their visions and dreams about being an author is all the work and the time it takes to create their manuscript in the first place.  Nor do they stop to think about the hundreds of thousands of books, both traditionally and self published, that never sell.  When books don’t sell, dreams die and all the months and years spent creating that manuscript are lost for nothing.

Most writers don’t know that they could finish their manuscript much sooner and go to press for much less time and money by publishing a booklet.  They don’t know the opportunity exists.  When people think of publishing, they think of books, even though publishing extends well beyond books into many different kinds of media.  So, when they decide they want to write and be published, they think they need to write a book.

Speed is imperative to your riches.  You can’t get rich trying to do things the same way everyone else does.  Most people are not rich.  They’re broke, living pay check to pay check, going to jobs they hate, living mediocre lives.  That alone tells you not to do things the way most people do them.  And when you look at the way most writers go about getting into print and getting published, you have to ask yourself whether you want to be like them, or whether you want something better.

Booklets are something better.  The opportunity is here.  The only question is whether you will take advantage of it.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about speed and the impact it can have on your bank account.

To your riches!


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Why I rejoiced Over This Rejection Letter

I received a letter in the mail a couple weeks ago from a non-profit corporation I’ve been negotiating with for several months.  They were interested in purchasing anywhere from 500 – 7,000 copies of my “Simple Tips & Recipes For Feeding The Gluten Free/Dairy Free Child” booklet.

The letter was typical of what I would have expected from any company rejecting my offer, though since this is a company I am personally involved with as member, I was surprised that I didn’t at least receive a phone call.  Still, that’s the way it is with any company, especially when it comes to rejecting your offer.  Nobody wants to tell you personally.  It’s easier to make it impersonal and do it in a letter or email.

What these people couldn’t have known, however, and what you might find shocking, is that I actually rejoiced over receiving this letter.  Why?  Because it meant I could cross this company off my list.  It meant I would no longer be wasting my time with them.  After talking with them for months, and one person having to ask another who had to ask their superior who had to take it to the board members for approval, I was glad to finally have some closure one way or the other.  And while I always prefer to make the sale, the fact is it won’t happen every time.  So, when I do get a no, I’m happy to know that my journey with that company has ended and I can spend more of my time with other companies who are interested or that I’m still courting.

In this case, this organization was not a good candidate for my booklet so I really wasn’t all that surprised that they decided not to make the purchase.  In fact, I WAS surprised when they contacted me wanting more information in the first place.

So, what’s the lesson in all of this?  Stick to your market.  If someone from outside your market approaches you for information, give it, but don’t count on a sale there.  It can happen.  You never know, so you should always take the chance.  But, don’t rely on it.

As for me, I’ve wasted no tears over the fact that this sale didn’t happen.  I’ve got too many other companies I’m dealing with to even care.  Once you get the money rolling in and you’re dealing with alot of customers, whether large companies or individuals, you won’t care about those who don’t want your product because you’ll have so many who do.

To your riches!


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Are You Worried About The Cost Of Booklet Production?

Are you concerned about how you’re going to pay for your booklet’s  production?  If you haven’t written your booklet yet, you’re putting the cart before the horse.

It doesn’t cost you anything to come up with a great idea for a booklet.  In fact, if you’re reading this you probably already have a great idea.  Think of that idea as gold which needs to be mined.  The gold is there, but there is a process for obtaining it.

The first part of that process is writing your booklet.  Like your idea, writing won’t cost you a cent.  It won’t even cost you very much in time because you are not writing a full length book.   You can have your booklet manuscript finished in as little as 24 hours if you really want to and put your mind to it.  Or, maybe you’ll do it in three days like I did with my last title.  Or maybe you’ll spend two weeks on it.  But, it won’t take you very long.

Once the manuscript is finished, you’ll begin to see the gold shining in the mine.  You’ll be excited to get your manuscript produced and trust me, you’ll be able to do it.

While I don’t recommend you let your manuscript sit for a long period of time, waiting a couple of weeks or a month to move forward to the next step in the process won’t hurt.  If you need a little time to come up with funds for production that’s ok.  Once you start production, it will happen in steps anyway, giving you time in between each step to come up with the money you need for the next step until production is completed.

Worrying about how you will come up with the money won’t get your booklet done.  Remember, you’re not publishing a full length book, which would cost you thousands of dollars to produce.  You’re publishing a booklet, which will slash your publishing costs to a mere pittance.

Don’t let worry stop you dead in your tracks.  Move ahead with your great idea and write that manuscript!  Mine that gold!

To your riches!


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