Beware Of The Time Wasters

One of the biggest factors in your success as a booklet author, if not THE biggest factor, is being able to manage your time in a manner that is both efficient and productive.

From the moment you get up in the morning the clock is ticking.  Your time is your most precious asset because it is irreplaceable.  Therefore, you must demand respect for your time, especially if you’re working a regular job and trying to manage your booklet business on the side.

You will find, however, that not everyone feels the same way about your time as you do.  These people are time wasters and they have no problem wasting your time because they have no problem wasting their own.  They will call you during the day or during your writing time, even when you’ve told them you cannot accept their calls during that time.  They will show up at your door to chat or go shopping.  And, if they are immediate family members, such as your spouse or children, they will find all kinds of ways to disturb you and interfere with your productivity at home, and they will expect you to respond to them because you’re the mom or the wife or the husband or the dad.

You must find a way to deal with these time wasters or your booklet business will suffer.  You won’t be able to complete your projects.  You won’t be able to market your products.  You’ll be too busy wasting time with the time wasters.

In my home, I deal with the time wasters by working in spurts.  My children know that I will make time for them when I take a break, but until then, unless it is an emergency, I am unavailable.  The same goes for my husband.

As for my extended family and friends, I’ve been at this for so long now they’ve gotten used to the fact that I am generally unavailable during weekdays.  They’ve learned to call me in the evenings or on weekends because they know I will not answer the phone when I am working.   Once in a while someone may forget, and then I give them a gentle reminder.  I’ll usually say something like, “I can’t talk with you right now.  Can we catch up this evening?”

People will waste your time to the extent that you allow them to.  Don’t let it happen.  Don’t allow anyone to waste your valuable and precious time.  Make your work time a priority.

To your riches!



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