Two Reasons Why Paying A Book Marketer To List Your Titles In Their Catalog Is A Bad Idea

Yesterday I talked about the book/booklet marketing gurus who want you to give them money to market your titles for you.  Today, I’m going to tell you why their catalog approach is one you should avoid.

These marketers often include your booklet in a printed catalog, marketing it right along side all the other booklets or books they have to offer.  This works against you for two reasons.

The first reason is that it is very likely that the intended recipients for the catalog will ever even see it.  They may not have opted to receive it, and so the catalog arrives in the mail and must first pass through the gate keeper’s hands before being passed on to the gate keeper’s boss.  The gate keeper’s job is to throw out all “junk mail” and unless the catalog was requested and the gate keeper knows it is expected, the gate keeper will perceive it as junk mail trying to sell something and throw it away.

Think about the catalogs you receive in the mail.  If you look through them at all, you probably thumb through them and then either toss them out or set them aside to look at again later.  But, for most of us later never comes, and at some point the catalog is tossed out.

The second reason is that these catalogs will have categories, and your booklet will be placed in a category along with all the other booklets that fit into that category – and these other booklets are competition for you.  It’s like the yellow pages – ever notice how many attorneys, doctors and plumbers there are in the yellow pages?  They are all there on the same page or pages, in the same category, competing together for your business.  If you choose any you will only choose one.  So, all the others lose out.  What is the chance you’ll be that one should a prospect decide to buy from your category at all?

Paying a marketer to list your titles in their catalog is a bad idea.  It’s like playing Russian roulette.  You’ll miss more often than you’ll hit, if you ever hit at all.  These marketers make it sound so wonderful – give them all the work and all the hassle and you can just relax and collect the checks.  Don’t be fooled, my friend.  It’s a gamble at best, and you stand to lose much more than you stand to win.  When it comes to marketing your titles, one size or broad category does not fit all.

To your riches!



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