Why You Shouldn’t Let The Book Marketing Gurus Market Your Booklets

Today I want to talk to you a little about marketing.  You may have seen some internet gurus offering to market your books or booklets for you.  They charge you a fee (usually a hefty one) to put your booklet in their catalog or sell it directly to a list of potential buyers, usually large quantity buyers.  This may seem like the easy way to sell your booklets, but please, my friend, heed my warning.  It is not.  Chances are you will be wasting your precious marketing dollars.  Here’s why.

You’ve taken the time to write your booklet to a specific market – be that young horse lovers or parents of toddlers or women who practice yoga – and you have to reach that specific market.  But, these gurus rarely bother to tell you which companies they are marketing your booklet to.  They simply have a list of buyers and they market your booklet along with all the other books and booklets they’re marketing.  Your booklet is one of many, getting lost in the clutter, and you don’t even know if it is going to prospects who will truly be interested in your content.  If you have a tight niche for your title, the chances of a company who is reaching that niche being on that marketer’s list is very slim.

When you market your booklet, you need to market directly to those companies who reach your intended readers.  Marketers who market many titles at once have to market them to a broad, general category of buyers.  They can’t market to a specific niche because they have too many titles to market.  They don’t have the time to market your title to your niche.  So, they play hit and miss, sending all their titles at once to a wide variety of potential buyers, hoping some of them will bite.

There are two other specific problems with the catalog approach and I’ll tell you about those tomorrow!

To your riches!



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