How To Pay Your Bills While You’re Waiting For The Big Payday

When you’re selling to large companies, it’s a process.  Nothing happens quickly with the big guys.  There are many channels that your booklet will have to go through for approval before you receive a check.  In the mean time, you’ve got bills to pay.  What to do?

The answer is you sell to individuals and smaller companies.  The individual doesn’t have to make a decision about buying thousands of copies of your booklet.  They only need one copy, or maybe two.  For them, it’s a small purchase and therefore an easy decision to make, especially if your title and content are compelling.

Likewise, the smaller company can make a decision more quickly because they probably won’t need to order hundreds of thousands of copies.  But, even if they do, there won’t be as many channels for your booklet to pass through for approval.  It may only need the consent of two or three people, meaning you’ll see a payday much sooner.

As I said in my previous post, selling to large companies is something you should definitely pursue.  But, don’t discount smaller companies and individuals.  There are ways you can reach individuals in large quantity, and it can seem like it’s raining money when you get a flood of checks in your mailbox!

Sell to anyone and everyone who will buy from you.  Just be careful how you go about it.  I’ll talk to you more about that tomorrow!

To your riches!



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