The Big Secret Nobody Tells You About Selling To Large Companies

Some professionals advocate only selling your booklets (or books) to large companies.  Others focus on selling to individuals.  Listen to me, my friends, because I’m about to reveal something of great importance to your career as an author that nobody else is telling you.

The mega sales to corporations take time.  I know.  I’m doing it.  It doesn’t happen over night.  I’ve read promises from other “gurus” out there about how you can make thousands of dollars by selling your booklets or books to large companies, and you can, but it’s going to take some time and they never tell you that.

Large companies are like elephants.  They move slowly.  Nobody is going to give you a quick answer here.  Your contact will have to talk to many people, and each of those people may need to talk to many people before even a hint of a sale will be on the horizon.  There is, of course, always an exception to this rule, but this is the norm.  So, when you begin the process with a large company, you have to plan for the long term.  It could be at least a year or longer before you ever see a cent.  There is no way to get around this process.  These companies have their way of doing things and even if your contact is at the top of the heap he won’t be able to circumvent the process.

You should also know that you can begin the process with a company, and then at some point several months down the road, you lose all the ground you’ve gained and possibly the sale altogether.  This can happen for many reasons and they usually have nothing to do with your booklet.  Some of those reasons are your contact gets fired, gets transferred to another department or division, gets promoted, moves or dies, or the company suddenly decides to pull money from it’s marketing to use elsewhere.  It happens, and when it does you may need to start the process over again with someone new or you may not be able to make the sale at the present time.

I actually had the reverse happen.  My contact at a particular company didn’t like the idea of giving my booklet out to their customers.  But, I learned that she was going to be leaving the company within two months.  The person who replaced her loved my booklet and we’re now negotiating.  So, sometimes a contact leaving can work in your favor, but I know that it can just as easily go the other way.

Now, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for the gusto and forget about selling your booklet to large companies.  You really can score big on these sales, so you should pursue them.  But, you need a plan for eating and paying the rent or mortgage while you’re waiting for the big day.

I’ll be covering what you can do while you’re waiting for a yes from Mr. Big in my next post.

To your riches!



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