Are You Avoiding This Requirement For Success?

Yesterday I talked about clarity as a requirement for writing and producing a booklet.  I also said that focus is important as it works with clarity to help you achieve results.  But, there is another ingredient in the mix that you must have in order to be successful, and it’s one that most people avoid.

You can be completely focused, having blocked out all distractions to getting the work done, and completely clear on what you have to do to get that work done, but if you don’t actually DO the work, all the focus and clarity in the world can’t help you.

People are great at coming up with ideas.  In fact, we come up with some really great ideas more often than we know.  And then the thinking process begins.  Some of us will daydream about all the what ifs – what if my booklet sells a million copies?  What if I earn enough money to stay at home with my children?  What if I could take a nice vacation every year?  And on and on.

For some, that’s as far as they’ll ever go.  They’ll keep daydreaming, until one day they begin to think about doing the work.  And then, they’ll come up with all kinds of excuses.  Now isn’t the right time.  I don’t have the money for production.  My idea isn’t really that good.  I can’t fit enough time into my day to complete the writing.  And so, they give up before they start and continue to live in mediocrity, not really happy, but not really miserable either.  Just a plain vanilla existence.

Some people who come up with a good idea will skip the daydreaming and go right to the excuses.  They don’t even want to think about living a better life because they know it can’t happen for them.  Instead of daydreaming and asking themselves what if they were successful, they do just the opposite.  They ask themselves questions like “what if I fail?” or “what if I spend my time and money on this and it doesn’t sell?”  Then the excuses start, but not just to keep them from doing the project.  No.  The excuses start in order to make them feel better about not doing the project.  “What if I spend my time and money on this and it doesn’t sell?  Well, it really doesn’t matter because I don’t have time to do it anyway.”  The excuses let them off the hook and make them feel better about not taking action.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about the third group of people.  It’s the group I’m in and I hope you are too!

To your riches!



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