Have You Overlooked This Important Requirement For Writing A Booklet?

In order to be a successful author, there are a few requirements.  First, you need to have a good grasp of the language you are writing in.  You should have a broad vocabulary, and a good understanding of grammar and punctuation rules.  And while talent is not a requirement, it does help to have a flair for putting words together and to be able to enjoy the process.   It is also helpful if you are knowledgeable in the subject which you plan to write about.

But, there is something which is just as important as each of these things, and it is quite often overlooked.  It is an absolute MUST for you as an author, from the conception of your project to making sales.  That requirement is clarity.

Clarity is extremely important.  Without it, you can’t succeed as an author, nor can you succeed at anything else.  You must be absolutely clear about what it is you want to accomplish, and you must be clear about how you will accomplish what you want.

You need to have a clear goal in mind from the moment you decide to pursue writing a booklet.  When you first come up with an idea, you need a little time to think it through.  You may need to do a little research to find out if your idea is marketable.  During that thinking process, you are working to create a clear pathway to follow for success.

Once you decide to create your booklet clarity becomes even more important.  You must be clear about who your market is.  Your writing must be clear and make sense to that market.  And you must be clear on how to reach that market so you can make sales.

Clarity goes hand in hand with focus.  Focus alone won’t get your project finished and sold.  You must also have clarity.  Likewise, clarity alone won’t get the job done.  You also need focus.  But most of us are familiar with focus.  We focus intently on that blank page trying to come up with the first few words.  We focus on making sales.  We focus on end results – having riches and living the lifestyle we want.  We’re great at focusing.  What we need is clarity.

There is another requirement you must have for success both in life and as an author.  I’ll talk about that one tomorrow.

To your riches!



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