Make Buckets Of Money Writing Booklets

Did you know that you can make buckets of money when you write a booklet? Yes, you can! In fact, just this morning an executive I’ve been working with at a large manufacturing company told me that his company is pouring buckets of money into their marketing in the coming year, and he referenced the possibility that one of those buckets of money might just be for me! He and his fellow board members will be deciding next week just where all of these buckets of money will go, and I’ve definitely got his vote!

There’s alot of money on the table for the asking in large companies. Some of them have marketing budgets that would defy your comprehension, and often they have trouble figuring out just how to spend that money. They’re always looking for new options, new channels for their marketing. Sometimes they will do what they’ve always done because they don’t know of any new options. Telling them about your booklet gives them another option to consider.

So, how about it? Are you ready to make buckets of money?

To your riches,



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