The One Thing That Will Get You From Idea To Income

There is only one thing that will get take your booklet project through to the end.  Only One thing that will get it written, produced, printed and sold.  Only one thing that will put money in your pocket from your booklet endeavor.  That one thing is persistence.  Without that, you’ve got nothing.

I’ve been working with some top executives in both the food manufacturing industry and in non-profit organizations.  Most of these people are very difficult to get on the phone.  Their gatekeepers have gatekeepers.  These execs are too busy to think about handling their own calls, and letting someone else do it takes the pressure off of them.

But, I’ve learned that persistence pays off, and I’ve not only been able to get through to the executives I need to speak with, but one of these execs even went so far as to give me his cell phone number.  I must admit it was both a wonderful and scary feeling at the same time.  This put our business relationship on a whole new level.  I was now “in.”  I had been given a level of trust that perhaps even the gatekeepers do not have.

If you’re not the type of person who persists until you get the results you need, either start being persistent now or forget about the booklet business.  In fact, forget about publishing all together.  You’ll never make it.  This business doesn’t require a college degree or any other kind of fancy credentials, but it does require a huge amount of persistence from the moment you begin writing.  If you have that, you’ll go all the way from idea to income.

To your riches!



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