How Will Your Booklet Adventure Unfold?

When you build a house, you don’t start by nailing boards together.  You start by digging.  That digging is where the foundation is laid, upon which the rest of the house will sit.

A booklet business is the same way.  You begin by digging into your memory or your files, or the resources available to you on the internet or at the library.  That information will form the foundation for your booklet.

Once your booklet is finished, though, it may become the foundation for an entire line of booklets, or perhaps for a company that offers booklets to a particular niche.

You may not realize it when you begin your first booklet, but you are actually stepping out into an adventure that will have many twists and turns, and offer many opportunities.  You can’t see them when you start, but as you move forward through the process they will appear.  If you choose to take advantage of those opportunities, your booklet business will evolve and grow.

You may choose to grow your business in a straight line, offering a single booklet and gathering customers who will order from you again and again.  Or you may choose to grow your business in many directions, offering different products to different markets.  There is no  right or wrong way to grow a booklet business.  This is one business where you truly can have it your way.

When I began my own booklet adventure, my original plan was to sell many copies of a single booklet.  Next thing I knew, I had two booklets to sell.  And today I’ve got six titles under my belt and I own a publishing company to boot!  And it all evolved from a single booklet, and a single vision.

The next time you sit down to work on your booklet think of the work you are doing as a seed that you are planting.  That seed will sprout and grow into something much greater than you ever could have dreamed.

To your riches!



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