A Necessary Step To Improve Your Material

You’ve finished your manuscript. It’s not perfect (even if you think it is) but it’ll do. Good enough. Now, before you move to the production phase, there’s one more thing I highly recommend you do. If you don’t you may just kick yourself.

Get a group of your peers together and have them look over the manuscript. Ask them if there is anything written there that isn’t clear or that they think you should change. This is extremely important because these people can literally save your butt and keep you from looking like an amateur.

I’m not talking about editing. This is not for editing purposes. This is to make sure that your manuscript makes sense and conveys the information you want it to. Your peer group can come up with some great ideas that you might never have thought of on your own.

You can use any group of peers you like, but it helps if the peer group you use are involved in your booklet’s topic. For example, if your booklet is written for stay at home moms, get a group of stay at home moms together for tea and let them read your manuscript. If your booklet is about homeschooling, get a group of homeschoolers together.

If you don’t want to get a group together, you can approach people individually, but the group is better because people feed off of other people’s ideas. Mary has a suggestion and it sparks and idea in Alice, so then Alice gives you her idea too. Alice may not have thought of that idea if she hadn’t heard Mary’s idea.

This may seem difficult to you or like an unnecessary step. Trust me, it is necessary. This is something I do, and it has helped me to put out much better material than had I not received anyone’s input.

To your riches!



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