Create A Hot Seller With This Timely Topic

The one thing on everyone’s mind right now is money.  With rising prices on everything from gas to groceries, and the news talking about the recession and the bad economic state we’re in, everyone is concerned about money – mainly how to acquire more of it.

Of course, even when the economy is good people are concerned with money and how to get more.  Therefore, it’s definitely high on the list of best topics to write about.

If you can write a booklet that shows people how to make more money, you’ll have a hot seller on your hands.  And if you can niche that booklet to a particular market segment, you’ll do even better.  For example, you could write the booklet for stay at home moms, or for grandparents who are looking for an after retirement income, or you could write it for people who are already employed and needing an extra income through a part time, side line job, or for teens wanting to work after school.

You could also write the booklet on a specific money making topic such as how to make money at craft fairs or how to get a raise from your boss.

Anything money related will do very well in the market place right now – especially if it has to do with making more money.

To your riches!



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