Stop Wishin’ And Start Writin’

It’s been really crazy here these past couple days!  Yesterday I woke up at 3:15am and got ready to attend a huge seminar in Seattle, an hour from my home.  There were 17 thousand people in attendance.  With that many people , it meant long lines for everything from the bathroom to the latte stand (and then back to the bathroom!).  This gave me the opportunity I needed to talk with people and get a booklet into their hands!  I walked all over that arena and then some.  I climbed up stairs, down stairs, and back up again.  I was in constant motion, and by the end of the day my feet were really hurtin’!  But, I had a huge smile on my face because I had accomplished my mission.

Then, today I had another meeting up north, but not quite as far away as Seattle.  It was a much smaller, much more personal kind of business meeting and I quite enjoyed myself (except for having to wear shoes.  My feet were still sore from yesterday!).  My booklets were one of the focal points of this meeting today, and I got the opportunity to share them with everyone in attendance.  It was a prime chance to showcase my abilities as both a business woman and as a writer.  My head is still in the clouds from some of the wonderful comments I received!

During both of these meetings one word kept coming up.  That word was implementation, and it’s a very important word no matter what you want to accomplish.  When I started my booklet adventure I wasn’t a guru or huge celebrity.  I was just an average person.  But, I made a decision.  I decided I wanted something better in life.  I decided I didn’t want to be average.  I wanted to use my passion for writing in a way that would be both helpful to others and profitable for me.  I came up with a plan, and then I implemented that plan.  When you implement, you take action.  Sometimes the action you take fails.  That’s ok.  You just implement a new plan and try something else.  But, you keep going.  You don’t quit.

I hope you get how huge this is.  So many people sit around wishing and waiting.  They’ll never fail at anything because they’ll never bother to try anything.  It’s easy to wish – to sit there and think gee, I wish I could do that.  Well, you can!  This is your day.  Your moment.  Don’t let it go by without you doing something to make your dreams a reality. When you get an idea, you need to act on it.  Otherwise your dreams will always be dreams.

Nobody starts at the top.  Just start wherever you are right now.  The important thing is to start.  Starting puts you ahead of 90% of the people, because 90% of the people are wishers, but they are not implementers.

If you don’t implement your plans, you’ll never know what possibilities are out there right now, just waiting for you to take advantage of them. You can be average or you can be an implementer who achieves great things (and writes great booklets!).  It’s all up to you.

Now go and do something great!

To your riches,



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