Give Booklets Away And Get Published

Happy Monday!

I’m posting this a little in advance since I will be in a seminar all day on Monday, along with about 17 thousand other people! I’ve got my briefcase packed with about 160 booklets in it, and I’ll refill it each time I empty it. I’m going to be making contacts, smiling and shaking hands at this event faster than a politician in order to get my booklets into as many qualified hands as possible! It’s going to be a wild and crazy day!

I’ll be giving these booklets away instead of charging for them, and this is something you might want to think about doing if you plan to write a full length book. You see, the booklet I’m giving away actually promotes my publishing company’s products and services, and the seminar I’m attending will be filled with business executives from all over the state. These executives are prime prospects for my publishing company, and I have the chance to reach them for just a few dollars and a tank of gas. What luck having so many of them together in the same place at the same time!

How does this relate to you and your book? Simple. Create a mini version of your book – a booklet. Then, take copies of your booklet to any writing conferences or other events you attend where publishers will be present. Smile, shake their hand and give them a free copy of your booklet. It’s much more likely to be kept than a typed manuscript, and much more interesting to look at and read. Plus, it’s short, which is something the publishers will appreciate. You never know. You just might get a few calls. In fact, a publisher who likes your concept may not even wait to call you. He might want to talk with you right there at the event!

To your riches!



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