Where’s The Beef?

So, did you see the 212 movie I posted the link to yesterday? If not, go back and watch it right now! It will only take a couple minutes. Be sure to turn your speakers up so you can hear the cool music. I promise it will energize you!

If you did see the 212 movie, what did you think? Pretty awesome I think. Most people give up to soon. If you just put in a little extra effort you’ll achieve your goals.

So, where am I going with this today? Here’s the deal. When you write a booklet you need to include some useful information. The booklet needs to be unique and interesting. If it isn’t nobody will want to read it. Yeah, kind of like a blog. 🙂

And while you shouldn’t exactly beef up your content, you do want to make sure it contains plenty of beef for your readers to chew on. Give them what they want – information. Don’t give them mindless fluff. It won’t sell (well, not unless you can find the people who bought the pet rock back in the ’70’s or the people who buy those ugly Chia Pets. They might just be the right market for mindless fluff!).

Booklets are not meant to be the most thorough compilation of information on your subject. But, they should give your readers the facts or something they can take away and use. Make sure yours does and you’ll have a salable product that people will be glad to pay for.

To your riches!



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