No Money To Print? Do An E-Booklet!

The prices of paper and ink are soaring.  This is bad news for most self published book authors because it affects printing prices.  But, for booklet authors, the news isn’t so bad at all.

First, as a booklet author, you pay only a fraction of the cost for printing as book authors pay.  You’ve got far less pages to print, which means only a little paper and ink will be used.

Second, booklets are an extremely versatile medium.  I’ve actually skipped printing all together at times and sent my booklets out as e-booklets.  Think about that.  It cost me nothing for printing or postage.  In fact, I’ve got a three year licensing deal with for my “Simple Tips & Recipes For Feeding The Gluten Free/Dairy Free Child,” and they offer the booklet only in e-book form.  If you visit there, you’ll see it’s selling for $7.00.  Not too bad considering I saved so much money!

Many businesses are opting for the printed screen right now rather than printed paper, so if you’re short on funds and unable to come up with the money to print your booklets, try doing it as an e-booklet first.  Not only will you save money, but you’ll get a good idea as to whether your booklet is marketable.

To your riches!



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