Booklets Are An Affordable Option For Getting Into Print

Things are tough right now.  Gas is sky high.  Prices on everything have gone through the roof.  It’s more difficult than ever for most people just to survive from one paycheck to the next.

If you’re caught trying to survive between paychecks but want to become a published author, you would be shut out trying to do so by self publishing a book the traditional way.  The expense is astronomical.  You would need a minimum of $5,000 and probably more with the way prices have been going up.

Booklets are a much more affordable option for getting into print.  You won’t spend anywhere near $5,000 to become published.  In fact, you may spend only a few hundred dollars.  This will leave you money for other things like gas and groceries for your family.

Booklets are about making money, but they’re also about saving money.  You can always write your book later when the economy is better and you’ve got the money to spend.  In the meantime, why wait to be published?  Write your booklet today!

To your riches!


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