What A Dying Woman Can Teach You About Booklets

I received a phone call today that an acquaintance of mine is near death in the hospital. She has an inoperable brain tumor, and the doctors don’t expect her live more than a couple of days.

I first met this lady about two years ago. She had been a victim of an online phishing scam which depleted her life savings – about $250,000. She was interested in writing a booklet to help others avoid her fate. Losing that money was the worst thing that had ever happened to her (until the brain tumor was found). She even ended up losing her home because of it as she was retired and no longer bringing in an income, and had countless other troubles ensue down the line.

Long story short, she had some very valuable information to put into that booklet. She had insight that was unique and interesting and certainly helpful. But, the booklet never got started. She always had something more important to do. I talked with her several times by phone, and even sat with her over dinner to get her going, but in the end she just never got it going. Now she’s dying and the world will never get her information. It would have been a wonderful legacy to leave behind.

If you’re thinking about writing a booklet, please stop thinking and just do it. The world is waiting for your information or your inspiration. We’re all going to die sometime. Don’t let your booklet die with you.

To your riches!



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