Booklets Are The Fast Track To Publishing Success

This morning I got an invite to a new blog about publishing. The first and only post happened to be about publishing a children’s book. Had I been in the process of writing a book for children and read that post, I would have put my writing away and found something else to do with my time. The post droned on about how long it takes to get published, and how difficult it is to get a publisher to sign you if you’re a children’s author, and how you have no creative control over your work or the illustrations that will go into your book.

While all of these things are true, they’ve been repeated by so many authors and experts that they’ve become tiresome. Certainly if you’re an author who is just starting out you don’t want to hear the negative side of this business. You need all the inspiration you can get. And if you’re an old timer, you already know the downside.

The good news is you don’t have to put up with any of the trivialities of the traditional publishing world. Today we’ve got so many choices. We can self publish, we can POD publish, and we can publish booklets (what I like to call micro-publishing).

Booklets are the fast track to both getting your name in print and to profiting from your work. In traditional publishing, when you sign a contract you may not see a check for 18 months. Few authors receive advances anymore. Those who do are not getting large checks. Publishing isn’t what it used to be. It’s almost a commodity these days.

There’s so much you can do with a booklet manuscript and so many ways it can be marketed. Booklets are as varied and as versatile as those who write them. Why bother with agents and publishing houses or even with POD publishers when you can have complete control?

To your riches,



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